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CORONA SUNSETS FESTIVAL, a Summer Festival on the Beach with a Touch of Sophistication

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The Corona Sunsets Festival takes place on the shores of Okinawa every summer, targeting a stylish and adult audience. This beach festival is a great escape from the every day, somewhat like a dream world, that combines the allure of ‘resort’, ‘music’, and ‘sunsets’. This summer, it was held over a two-day weekend on July 14 and 15, and welcomed a total of more than 16,000 people to the event.





The venue was at Chura SUN Beach in Tomigusuku City, just 20 minutes away by car from the Naha Airport. I thought at first the day would be a challenge with the heat of the mid-summer, when the sun’s rays are strongest. However, this day on Okinawa marked a high of about 30 degrees Celsius, despite the heat wave that was hitting the rest of Japan. With the summer months in mainland Japan hitting record highs, Okinawa is starting to become a ‘summer getaway’, if you can believe that. With the large tents and tarps, the ocean breeze was lovely and kept the heat bearable. And of course, the icy cold Coronas were exceptional!





If the heat was getting a little too much, you could always take a dip in the cool-down area of the ocean within the venue, and there were cold-showers for a quick, refreshing splash. They also sold original T-shirts only available at the festival, as well as Hawaiian shirts, and original Kariyushi Wear by reyn spooner, so you didn’t have to worry about change of clothes.





There was much to do at the event, like frolicking in the sand, enjoying the workshops, dancing to the live music, and if you got a little hungry, there were 11 great food booths to choose from. Some of the delicious foods offered were: BBQ from Panama Genjin who won the 6th Koza A Lunch Competition; Ryukyuan-Italian food by Pizzaria de ENZO in Maeda, Onna Village; and Okinawan cuisine by Ashibiuna.





Why is it that beer tastes especially good with great food outdoors? Besides the popular Corona Beer, they also had a variety of original cocktails available, too. Among the five selections of cocktails were a Corona and ginger ale mix, and a Corona, pineapple juice, coconut and yogurt liqueur cocktail, and the best Okinawan cocktail mix with Corona and Ryukyu Awamori. For those not drinking alcohol, they had a lineup of juice, jasmine tea, mineral water and other soft drinks, too.





The well-designed areas were fantastic and every spot within the venue was perfect for photos to up on your SNS. Besides the stylishness of the event, there were cool displays as well. Being a beach fest, the event called to attention about keeping our beaches clean, with art made of trash collected at Chura SUN Beach, and serving the drinks in recyclable cups to reduce trash.





There were two stages set up within the venue which hosted 22 groups from across Japan and abroad. Some of these groups included BENNY SINGS (from Holland), Suiyobi no (Wednesday) Campanella, Dai Hirai, CROOKED COLORS (from Australia), and from Okinawa, RYUKYUDISKO lit up the stage. Enjoying great live music by the beach in an outdoor festival was so very cool, and so very Okinawa.





As the sun began to set and colored everything in the Corona colors, people were enjoying the sunset with friends and loved ones. It was a special moment for all, sharing a magical sunset with drinks in hand.





The CORONA SUNSETS FESTIVAL is for a mature audience of legal age, 20 and over. We hope to see you here in Okinawa next year for the festival held sometime in July!!!



*For details and information on next year’s event, check out their official website.




Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura