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Guilt-Free Frozen Treats at Detox Café Felicidad (Itoman City), Made with Okinawa’s Tropical Fruits and Superfoods

post : 2018.12.26 06:00

In the warm months in Okinawa, you may have thought, “In the midsummer afternoons when the heat just won’t let up, I want something to cool me down, something that’s refreshingly sweet and delicious. But, I want to still be conscious of my health…” If you’re familiar with this, I’d like to introduce to you Detox café felicidad, located in Itoman City. The shop offers vegan and vegetarian foods and sweets, with the concept of “veggie, but delicious”. There, you can enjoy frozen sweets that are made with nutritious and healthy ingredients that your body will love you for.

My biggest recommendation is their guilt-free iced candy bar (650 yen plus tax) made with fruits and superfoods. This is a vegan-friendly frozen dessert that people are raving about, newly created last year by the owner, Yukiyo Nakama, who set on this path hoping for people to enjoy eating what they want, what their bodies want and without any guilt. The base ingredients include roasted brown rice powder blended in with rice milk, quinoa milk, soy milk, lucuma and coconut milk, which are all known to be very healthy. With toppings like mango, passionfruit, dragon fruit, guava, island banana, and shikwasa citrus which are all grown in Okinawa. The taste of their candy bars are awesome and what’s more, you can pack in tropical and vibrant energy of the southern paradise.

Popular choices include black chocolate scone toppings made with spelt wheat, and they also offer various seasonal choices that you can combine. In the summer months, you can enjoy Okinawa-grown passionfruit, dragon fruit, and mangoes. The ice bars are created with an abundance of highly nutritious, seasonal ingredients and the sweetness and aroma of each ingredient is carefully brought out. The treats have no additives, dairy, or animal protein, so they’re wonderful for the whole family, for children and those with allergies too. They’re great for snacks but also for breakfasts when you don’t have an appetite.


The next recommendation is their lucuma soft served ice cream (from 470 yen before tax). This new vegan soft served ice cream was recently added to their menu this past summer. The popular superfood, lucuma powder, makes the taste of this ice cream gentle and sophisticated. The sweet flavoring has depth, as organic coconut sugar and organic maple syrup are generously added in place of sugar. You can also add extra toppings at additional cost as well.

Just like the Kintoki beans in Okinawa’s shaved ice and zenzai, the homemade granola awaits under the ice cream, giving an aromatic touch and a great crunchy texture. All the ingredients like the oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, cranberries, raisins and others, are organic and gluten-free. A truly fantastic marriage of tastes and texture with the ice cream. Delicious, healthy, and the reasonable price is a welcoming surprise.

Ms. Nakama, who says she decided to start her shop after the birth of her child, explains, “I just wanted people, many, many people to enjoy the items that I make, especially children. The raw sweets from felicidad may be a luxury, particularly with the price, and can be said they’re more for adults. The soft-served ice cream, on the other hand, I wanted kids to enjoy them. There are children who can’t eat dairy or eggs, and that’s why I wanted to keep the price for the soft-serve ice cream lower.”


She felt the need for a shop where families with children can casually stop by for a treat. “A person’s body is made of the foods they eat. The world has become such a convenient place where we can all easily enjoy food anywhere, anytime. That said, our choices in what we eat could be looked at more consciously.”

“To be healthy, many of us tend to avoid certain foods; this is bad, and that’s not good, either. But the best thing for us is to eat what our bodies yearn. I hope that my shop will be a place where people who are getting more conscious of their health find themselves to visit naturally, and to be a gateway for those who want to reassess their diets. That’s why I work hard to create items that look and taste delicious.”

The special smoothie (1,000 yen plus tax) shown above is another one of her creations made with her passion. It’s a rich smoothie made with Okinawan grown beets, bananas, acai, and coconut milk. The nutrient rich colors are created with the beets and pineapples that are dried in-shop, and also topped with mangoes and berries. Yukiyo uses a dehydrator that’s a necessity in raw foods to dry the beets and pineapples. Because she takes time and care for the drying process, the enzymes found in the ingredients remain intact. The delicious and aesthetically beautiful beverages give you a sense that your body and soul is getting recharged with each and every sip.

You’ll also find a retail space inside the shop where you can buy gluten-free scones, hemp-nut oil, dried organic fruits, brown rice koji mold and other ingredients that are kind to your body as well as the environment. They also irregularly hold scone-making classes, movie viewing, as well as various other events that are helpful for our every day lives. For their various activities, felicidad is like the core of a community for the local people who are conscious of healthy living. They’re located about 10 minutes by car from Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa, and about 20 minutes from the Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum and the Cornerstone of Peace. It’s a spot you’ll want to stop by on a day out to the southern region of Okinawa Island.


Detox café felicidad
Address: 35-10 Nishikawa-cho, Itoman City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-994-9557
Business Houses: 8:30-17:00
Closed: Sundays & Mondays


Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Nobuya Fukuda