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Cheesecake Specialty Shop PUZO Delivers Joy from Okinawa to Cheesecake Lovers Across the Nation

post : 2019.01.06 06:00


For all of you across the land with sweet tooth, I’d like to introduce a vibrant specialty shop that’s been garnering much attention in Okinawa recently.
Among the Trunq restaurants centering around the Shintoshin Area, where you can enjoy wine and wonderful dishes, the cheesecakes offered by the former brand of PUZO PASTAS AND MARKET have been very popular with the customers.

Trunq Co., Ltd. saw the potential in this popularity and opened Okinawa’s first cheesecake specialty shop in 2012, named PUZO CHEESECAKE CELLAR, located in Tomari, Naha. With a very big and strong following, they opened branches at Oroku Labo, Aeon Mall Rycom, Naha Airport, and in June of 2018, they opened the fifth location at Chibana in Okinawa City.


The chic monotone interior is stylish and sophisticated, with sinfully delicious-looking cakes displayed in the glass case. As you may have guessed from its name, Cheesecake Cellar, everything from cakes and other baked goods available at the shop, all have cheese in their ingredients. So everything you see are all cheesecakes! Anytime you visit, they’ll have approximately ten varieties of whole cheesecakes, and about 15 kinds of cheesecake slices or pieces for you to choose from.

The owner, Noma-san, says he’s “a big cheesecake-lover”. He began planning or PUZO when he linked his wish to “do what he wants with what he loves” together with the encouraging words from his customers. With his trusted pastry chefs, they carefully selected the ingredients and tried different recipes until they were all satisfied with the results. He says he got the name PUZO from the screenwriter of his favorite movie, The Godfather, and we can see here, too, that Noma-san linked what he loves and his honesty to himself. Initially, the Chibana Shop in Okinawa City was planned to be the cheesecake factory, but plans were changed because they wanted to open a PUZO shop in the central Okinawa region as well.

Shown above is “Manhattan no Koi (Love of Manhattan)” which won the Golden Award in the 2015 competition in the western desserts/sweets category for order-deliveries. The rich aroma of the vanilla beans from Madagascar and the taste created from high-quality natural cheese from Denmark are the reasons why people love this special dessert. The layers of flavors from the natural ingredients are nicely accompanied by the fresh tartness of lemon juice. The smooth texture is brought out through tedious and time-consuming preparations in the mixing, straining, and thorough mixing again. The baking is done with great care as well, as they are baked over a long period at a low temperature of 160 degrees. The aromatic and crispy outer layer is caramelized and it matches perfectly with the moist, rich filling.

Above is the Mitsuboshi (Three-Star) Rare Roll, with the fine, moist sponge cake like a souffle wrapping up the delicious filling made with fresh Hokkaido cream, cream cheese, and Italian mascarpone. This roll cake is unique and unlike any other you’ve had, as each variety of cheese creates a rich harmony of taste with the moist sponge cake. This is a must-have for those who love cheesecakes and roll cakes.

Another favorite is their richly thick Mitsuboshi Pudding which often sell out before the end of the day. The pleasantly bitter caramel and the creamy custard created with Italian mascarpone will melt in your mouth. The welcoming presence of cheese sets this custard pudding apart from the rest.

Their original cupcakes are only available at the Okinawa Chibana and Oroku shops, and the colorful lineup includes Chocolat Framboise, Tea & Orange, Cookies & Cream, and many others that are photogenic for SNS posts. They’re great for get-togethers so pick up a bunch and enjoy the variety.


Noma-san is simply full of love for cheesecake, and hopes to “make Okinawa a better place through cheesecake.” He says, “I hope to increase employment for the local people through our shops and production lines, and want to make our company unlike others where only those in the higher corporate ranks make money. I want our company to take care of our workers and pay salaries that satisfy them.”

He aims for “a company where the employees enjoy working and where the staff are smiling,” and assist in ways he can to improve the issues of low wages and unemployment rate in Okinawa. Throughout the interview for this article, I saw that his staff were smiling constantly and through them, I saw the path that this company was sincerely pursuing. Through Noma-san’s words, I saw that the smiles exchanged at this wonderful cheesecake specialty shop was sowing small but important seeds for a brighter future for the community. It truly was a lovely shop.


PUZO CHEESECAKE CELLAR Okinawa Chibana Location
Address: 1F 3-8-13 Matsumoto, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-960-0230
Business Hours: 10:00-20:30
Closed: Tuesdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writers, monobox (Tetsumasa & Kozue Kawano)