Okinawa Tourism Information:DeliciouslyRich!Café7973(inChatan)Offers100%TropicalJuices

Deliciously Rich! Café 7973 (in Chatan) Offers 100% Tropical Juices

post : 2019.01.07 06:00

Nowadays, it’s common for people everywhere to snap a shot of tantalizing dishes or colorful sweets to show their friends on SNS. For establishments to create “photogenic” selections on their menu is a great way to attract people, but I think we would all agree that “taste” is still very important.

A new shop in American Village, Chatan, has opened where you can enjoy juices squeezed from generous portions of mangoes, passion fruits, dragon fruits, shikwasa citrus and others grown in Yanbaru, the northern region of Okinawa.

The name of the shop is Café 7973, derived from an old Okinawan proverb, “If you live honestly, everything will turn out fine.”

The owner of Café 7973 is Tami, the owner of the vegan restaurant, “Tami’s”, which is also located within American Village. She tells me, “Café 7973 is not just popular for our juices, but also because the shop is very photogenic and people come by to take pictures to post on their SNS.”

When thinking of ways for more people to enjoy their original brand of mangoes named Arume Gold, which are grown in their own farm that boasts an area of over 16,500m2, she thought that it would be best to offer them in juices.


There are six varieties of juices offered at Café 7973, and the ones using Arume Gold mangoes are especially popular. In order for their customers to enjoy the freshness and taste of the mangoes all year round, they take special measures in the freezing process.

The juices offered at Café 7973 taste super fresh! The taste is delightfully rich and tropical.


They are looking to use more and more seasonal fruits in their selection of juices and so their varieties will change irregularly. The marbled juices shown above are Mango Dragon and Coconut Passion Dragon. If you shake the bottle before you drink, you can taste the nicely blended juice all the way to the end, but without shaking, you can enjoy a slightly different taste with each sip.

Tami has been offered opportunities to open shops outside of Okinawa, but has always declined, saying, “I want our juices to be something special that people can only enjoy here.”

As Tami says, to feel Okinawa, it’s best to feel and enjoy Okinawa here! Stop by at Café 7973 and enjoy the Okinawan juices and snap a few shots for your SNS!


Café 7973
Address: 1F Carnival Park Mihama, 15-16 Mihama, Chatan Town, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-1878-7973
Business Hours: 11:00-21:00

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi



沖縄県北谷町美浜15-16 カーニバルパーク・ミハマ1階