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Smoked Dishes with a Texture Similar to Grilled Meats Prepared Rare♪ Enjoy It with a Nice Glass of Whisky at [Smoke & Bar Barrel House] (in Naha)

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Smoked foods are wonderful and they go well with drinks, too. Some of the most popular smoked items are sausages, bacon, and smoked salmon.

Smoked foods have been around for a long time, and in fact, the preparation method is said to have started approximately 13,000 years ago, during the Stone Age. The smoking of foods enabled people to preserve foods that were easily spoiled during a period without electricity nor gas.

Shin Kunsei Sakaba Barrel House opened in Makishi, in the heart of Naha, in March of 2016. The pub offers great smoked dishes, but they’re not just simply smoked. The ingredients are vacuum cooked before they’re smoked. Vacuum cooking is done by vacuum sealing the ingredients and cooking them in low temperatures of 58 to 95°over a good length of time.

Recommended for starters is the five varieties shown above, Okinawan pork liver, heart, and tongue, and cheese and stewed egg.

Meats that tend to lose moisture when warmed at high temperatures are surprisingly juicy when prepared with the vacuum cooking method, and it has a texture like that of meats cooked rare.


The owner, Tatsumasa Moriya, explains, “To bring out the great tastes of the ingredients to the fullest, I change and adjust the temperature and timing when I smoke them.” Tatsumasa grew up in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, where his parents operated a diving shop. He spent his childhood by the ocean and decided to move to Okinawa when he was 28 years old because of the beautiful seas here. A friend, who owns a company that specializes in diving tours, suggested he start Barrel House.

His long-time drinking buddy, Nagisa Kina, also works together with him to make the establishment so great.

The marriage of foods smoked with cherry tree woodchips and whisky with a smoky aroma is simply a perfect match.

The bar has 30 varieties of whisky from the five countries known for their great whisky production; Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, and Japan. How about trying different types of whisky with your delicious smoked dishes?

For a hit of collagen for smooth and supple skin, try their Smoked Tebichi. The pig’s feet are stewed for over six hours and seasoned with a base of soy sauce, smoked, then seared with a burner. The texture is super tender, supple, and will melt in your mouth♪ People are hooked on this dish which goes so well with whisky, but Moriya-san recommends Anchor Beer from California to accompany it. Beer from Anchor Brewing are rare and very hard to find in Okinawa, so he has a special connection to import them and offer them at his establishment.

Their thick, pork steak using Ryuyu Choju Buta (longevity pork) has a sweet taste in the fatty parts and the texture is very tender. It is vacuum cooked and just before serving, it’s grilled at high temperature and topped with BBQ sauce. This isn’t a smoked dish, but is one of the most recommended dishes. Enjoy it with a nice glass of whisky or red wine.

The ingredients available change a little depending on the season, but at Barrel House, they use local ingredients as much as possible. Moriya-san says, “Okinawan pork is particularly excellent.”


When asked about his future goals, he says, “I want to continue with meats, but also want to work on fish, too. I also want to smoke seasonings like olive oil and spicy Shichimi powder and market them.” Sounds like there will be more smoked dishes to choose from in the near future.

The establishment is a great place for whisky lovers and even for those who aren’t too familiar with whisky. I recommend you taste the great smoked dishes together with their wide selection of great whisky.


Barrel House
Address: 3-15-51 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-868-3676
Business Hours: 18:00-24:00 (Last Order)
Closed: Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko