Okinawa Tourism Information:RightinFrontoftheBeach!ForaMoreModernAccommodation,RenttheWholeHouse&EnjoytheOceanview&LushGreenScenery♪

Right in Front of the Beach! For a More Modern Accommodation, Rent the Whole House & Enjoy the Oceanview & Lush Green Scenery♪

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The beach is right out front! A World Heritage Site is near, too! Kafuwa Nanjyo offers comfortable lodging in a whole house.

Located in the southern region of Okinawa Island is Nanjo City, home to Sefa Utaki, a sacred site registered under UNESCO’s World Heritage, scenic Cape Chinen Park, Nirai Kanai Bridge, and numerous cafes with fantastic views. The northern region of the island has a resort feel but here in the south, the time seems to pass slower and the air is more relaxed.


Nanjo City is approximately 45 minutes away from Naha Airport and Kafuwa Nanjyo is a great accommodation choice where you can rent the whole house.

The facility is modern and has only been open since 2015. The best part about Kafuwa Nanjyo is that it’s only a minute away on foot to Azama Sun Sun Beach. No, more like 30 seconds! What a great location for beach lovers.

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Azama Sun Sun Beach is a popular spot all year round, with swimmers and sun-worshippers in the summer and a dog run set up in the winter months. From the white, sandy beach, you can see Kudakajima Island off in the distance.

A step inside the lodge, you’ll find a natural-modern interior that’s comfortable and accommodating. There are two double beds placed side-by-side, giving ample room to stretch out.

Next to the bedroom is a tatami room with Ryukyu tatami mats that give a tranquil atmosphere to the interior. The space is perfect if you have young children who like to roll around on the floor. At night, you can see the stars through the skylight.

The sofa space has a convenient layout.

You can cook your own meals in the kitchen.

Outside the window, you’ll see a hammock that looks perfect for a nap and a garden you’ll want to walk around in your bare feet. Past the garden is the lush green of the woods dancing to the breeze, where you can feel the greatness of nature.


The sink and the bathroom where you can see the greenery from the window, all add to the relaxed comfort of the place.

Because you have the whole house, you don’t have to worry about other guests and you can really relax. You can even bring your dog! The house comes with various equipment for your convenience, like a baby stroller and high-chair, and washer and dryer, too. They also have free life-jackets and snorkeling set rentals.


The owner, Nakamura-san, also has places in Ginowan City and Urasoe City, where he turned former military housing into accommodation facilities. They too are whole houses. He wants his guests to thoroughly enjoy their time on Okinawa and so he’s always ready to give great advice for your travel plans on Okinawa.

He says, “Nanjo City has great nature and many spots where you can really enjoy Okinawa. I hope you’ll spend a relaxing time here and discover something new and great about Okinawa.”

Kafuwa Nanjyo is surrounded by the blue seas and green forests. It’s a place where you’ll feel right at home, just like a second home, on Okinawa.

Azama Sun Sun Beach


Kafuwa Nanjyo
Address: 1126-1 Azama, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-1947-0122
Rates: For 2 Guest: 12,500 Yen/Guest
*Subject to change according to various accommodation plans. 


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Akiko Ono