Okinawa Tourism Information:AMilitaryHousingTurnedAccommodationFacility,KafuwaGinowanisaGreatPlacetoStaywithFamilyandFriends!

A Military Housing Turned Accommodation Facility, Kafuwa Ginowan is a Great Place to Stay with Family and Friends!

post : 2019.02.14 02:00

Located 30 minutes from Naha Airport and only five minutes from the popular Tropical Beach, Kafuwa Ginowan is a single-structure accommodation facility that can house seven adults comfortably in its 3LDK (3 rooms, and a living room, dining room and a kitchen) layout. Like other similar buildings, Kafuwa Ginowan was built post-war as military housing for US Forces’ personnel and is a familiar sight in Okinawa.

In the garden is a century-old banyan tree with a handmade swing hanging from its branch.

In the Okinawan language, Kafuwa means “good news” or “happiness”. The owner, Atsushi Nakamura named it with the hopes that happiness will spread through his lodge.

One step through the door, guests are welcomed with the bright colors of the living/dining room. Nakamura-san is a big DIY fan and so the tables and shelves are all his creations. The wooden furnishings add to the warmth of the room.

One of the characteristics of old military housing is the high ceilings, and here too, the height makes the room feel more open and big, with the kitchen conveniently laid out. Guests can choose to cook for themselves as the kitchen is equipped with basic cooking appliances like a microwave, rice cooker, fridge and others. Past the dining area is the laundry area with a washer and dryer.

There are two bedrooms and one of them is a bright, sunny room with three single beds placed side-by-side.


The other room has a bunkbed, which Nakamura-san also made!

He made it so that the bottom bed has a high ceiling for more comfort, with a semi-double width. Placing the bedding closer makes the whole thing feel big and comfortable enough for a small family to snuggle up together. Just looking at it, I can almost hear the happy giggles of kids that stay here.

The third room is a kids’ playroom with toys and a slide, too. I can imagine how this room must be very popular with the kids.


I asked why the place was so kid-friendly, and Nakamura-san’s response was very simple.

“I want my guests to relax and enjoy together. I want the adults and the kids to have a fun trip.”


Even on vacation, every parent with young children tend to be a little concerned, constantly looking out for kids, and saying don’t touch that, you might break it, or don’t do that or this…but here…

“As long as no one gets hurt, a little scratch here and there on the furniture is no problem. Because the guests get the whole house to themselves, they don’t have to worry about their surroundings. I want my guests, both adults and children, to be happy and smiling while staying here,” Nakamura-san says.

Every part of this lodge had Nakamura-san’s thoughtfulness to children. Being a father of four children himself, he wanted to have things at the lodge where the kids would be happy and not get bored, like the swing and the bunkbed. That way, the adults can relax and enjoy themselves, too.

From the open and comfortable garden, you can see the ocean in the distance. For an additional 1,000 yen, you can get a BBQ grill and charcoal to have yourself a BBQ party in the garden.


What’s also great is that Nakamura-san is more than happy to offer suggestions to make your trip to Okinawa fantastic. Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions and recommendations on shops and sightseeing routes when making your reservations or checking in at Kafuwa Ginowan.

During the hot summer months, he can tell you about snorkeling spots where the locals go, and if you’re looking for interesting things to buy, he’ll recommend some great shops. Ask about where you can meet and mingle with the locals, or about places off the beaten track, etc. Nakamura-san says he’ll assist you in planning a great trip. He’s like a one-stop consultant for your Okinawan vacation.

Like he says, he does it all so that his guests can thoroughly enjoy themselves here.


Kafuwa Ginowan is a great place for a big group, family, and also if you’re traveling with a pet. Nakamura-san says he’s seeing more groups on their graduation trips, or all-girls’ vacation.

Nearby are a cute café and bakery, too. Kafuwa Ginowan invites you to stay in Okinawa like you live here. This welcoming lodge is simply full of kindness.

Kafuwa Ginowan
Address: 2-5-11 Ojana, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-1947-0122 (Direct) or 098-998-8628
Rate: For the Whole House: 25,000 Yen
*Subject to change according to various accommodation plans.
*Rates at the time of original article (Dec. 2015)

*Free snorkeling set rentals.
*We also have Kafuwa Urasoe, a whole house with a living room and kids’ house.
Please refer to the website for details.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Akiko Ono