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You Can Snack and Still Be Healthy! Guilt-Free, Healthy Sweets from Satomiya in Naha City

post : 2019.02.19 18:00

Some of you may be struggling, thinking, “I can’t stop snacking and eating between meals.” And many of you are probably thinking, “I wish I could snack every day, but when I think about my health, I hold back.” Then the stress builds as you try and try to stop, right? Wouldn’t it be great to snack every day, and enjoy something that’s not bad for your body?

Satomiya, a takeout specialty shop, opened on September 15, 2018 in Tsuboya, Naha, offering snacks and light meals that are kind to your body.

Inside the shop are healthy snacks, pork and egg rice balls, sandwiches and other items.


The owner, Satomi Nikaido says, “I make things that I wished were more available.”

“I’m aiming to offer meals and snacks that a mom would make, a mom who works to ensure that her family stays healthy. I make my foods without preservatives, and make them as simple as possible. I only make things that are good for the body, and things that people will want to eat every day.”

My favorite is the Shima Tofu Okara Sticks. Nikaido-san always thought it was a waste to throw away the healthy remains of soy after the juice was squeezed out of the beans when making Jimami Dofu, or peanut tofu. She wanted to make something good without wasting anything.

The okara used in the Okara Sticks are soy pulp resulting from tofu production, and Nikaido-san uses okara from the tofu made by the long-established tofu company, the Nagayoshi Tofu Kakojo.

For snacks, the Okara Sticks with brown sugar chips produced in Yaese Town, mixed with Okinawa’s purple Beni-imo potatoes are great. To accompany a glass of beer, or with your Japanese sake or Awamori, the saltier Okara Sticks are wonderful, prepared with Aosa seaweed from Izena Island, Okinawan prawns, or sea salt flakes made in Yonaguni.

The sticks have a delightfully crunchy texture and you’ll be reaching for more after the first one♪ The Okara sticks are baked and not deep-fried, so they’re nice and healthy, and since Okara are filling, you’ll be doubly satisfied. The great taste makes it a snack that’s triple the satisfaction.

How about a gift-box set of three flavors for a gift or souvenir?

The most popular item at Satomiya is the Dashi-Maki Tamago Sandwich, made with generous portions of fresh Okinawan eggs.

The egg is mixed with a broth from Japanese flying fish, and has a gentle sweetness to it. The sandwich is made in the Kansai (western Japan) style, and the bread is moist and fluffy.

The mustard-mayonnaise on the bread adds a nice touch to bring out and combine the great tastes of the eggs and bread.


The shop also offesr Jimami Pudding, an original item created by Nikaido-san, made from peanut juice, eggs, and soy milk

She says, “At the supermarket, we find “Jimami Tofu Pudding” that comes with a sweet sauce to pour on top. But I find those to be more like Jimami Tofu, not pudding. I always wished they had something that was more like pudding…so I made it myself.”

The taste and aroma of peanuts will spread in your mouth with a spoonful of this delicious pudding. The Satomiya Jimami Pudding is enjoyed with a topping of brown sugar syrup and is smooth and mild, with a gentle and classy sweetness.

Their other original items include the Pork and Eggs Onigiri, rice balls prepared with sugarcane rice that is rich in fiber, with homemade Abura Miso or sweet and seasoned miso, and crispy luncheon pork inside. Another is the German Cake which has a sponge cake made with black cocoa and covered with couverture white chocolate and coconut cream. This, and their other shop specialties like the Jimami Tofu have a wide fan-base and are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Within only a few months since it first opened, Satomiya has become a very popular shop in town. It offers fun and delicious snacks that come without any guilt in munching away, as the snacks are low in calories and prepared without any preservatives. Now you can really enjoy snacking every day!


Address: 1F 1-5-14 Tsuboya, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-861-3967
Hours: 11:30-17:00
Closed: Irregularly

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi



沖縄県那覇市壺屋1-5-14 1F