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Try It Once & You’ll Never Forget. Maguro Don with Big, Fresh Tuna Slices at Maguroya Honpo

post : 2019.02.24 01:00

Located in the Tomari Fishing Port in Naha is Tomari Iyumachi, where fresh seafood is available for customers. In the Okinawan language, Iyu means fish, and Machi means market, and at Tomari Iyumachi, you’ll find fresh catch of the day at the 24 or so shops set up inside the market. Among them, Maguroya Honpo offers their proud Maguro Don, a bowl of rice with large tuna slices. Their Maguro Don is so good that after enjoying it once, you’ll never forget it.

The sea surrounding Okinawa has a comparatively warm temperatures, and tuna gather in the warmer waters. This is the reason why four variations of tuna caught in Japan can be caught in the Okinawan seas; the bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, and albacore tuna. Okinawa boasts the fourth largest catch of fresh tuna in all of Japan, and here on Okinawa, you can enjoy the freshest tuna available.

The tuna offered in the Maguro Don at Maguroya Honpo is bigeye tuna, which is a large fish with a good amount of fat and bright coloring. This Maguro Don looks and is actually very filling, and with a price you can’t beat at 650 yen a bowl. They have many other items on their menu, and so I asked the sub-manager, Hirokuni Nakashi, for their recommendations.

One of them is Maguro Makanai Don, which uses the parts of the muscle lining of bigeye tuna. “The muscle lining of bigeye tuna has a good taste, and we cut them in bite sizes so the lines are easy to eat as the fibrous parts are cut,” introduced Nakachi-san. Blanketed on the rice under the tuna are chopped Oba leaves and green onions. The refreshing scent of the chopped vegetables enhances the taste of the tuna. The fresh tuna was absolutely delicious and also beautiful to look at.

You can choose from regular white rice or vinegared rice, and all the tuna rice bowls come with soup, and here too, you can choose from Asa seaweed soup, Ikasumi (squid ink) soup, or Ara fish soup. The most popular choice is the Okinawan Asa seaweed soup, which has a deliciously inviting aroma. They also offer a selection of special soy sauce, the homemade Shiso (Japanese basil) soy sauce, Shima Togarashi (Okinawan chili pepper) soy sauce and others, so you can enjoy trying different kinds.


Nowadays, over half of the customers at Maguroya Honpo are domestic and international tourists, but they hope to offer their delicious foods to the locals too, and are giving out Kenmin Cards. For 650 yen a bowl, their Maguro Don are already offered at a great price, but for local Okinawan customers with a Kenmin Card, they offer further discount. Nakachi-san smiles and says confidently, “Our Maguro Don uses fresh, unfrozen tuna, so please come and enjoy it.”

If you’re traveling in Okinawa, I recommend you stop by Maguroya Honpo and try their Maguro Don. Taste their delicious tuna and see how carefully they’re prepared. It’ll be another new discovery of Okinawa.


Don Sushi Maguroya Honpo
Address: 1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-869-0968
Hours: 6:00-4:00 (Weekdays),
   6:00-5:00 (Weekends & Holidays)
Closed: Mondays (If Monday falls on a holiday, Tuesday will be closed)

*Prices current as of December 2018.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami