Okinawa Tourism Information:“Kazane,”RyukyuTraditionalHousewithaRedTileRoofStandsonaHillofNaha.AFormerDietician-OwnedOkinawaSobaShopHasaMild,Old-fashionedFlavor

“Kazane,” Ryukyu Traditional House with a Red Tile Roof Stands on a Hill of Naha. A Former Dietician-Owned Okinawa Soba Shop Has a Mild, Old-fashioned Flavor

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On a hill of Maaji, near Shikina Royal Garden (in Naha City), a brilliant red tile-roofed house stands quietly.

“~Akagawara (red tile) Soba (noodles) ~Kazane,”which was just opened in this January, is a healthy taste Okinawa soba shop owned by a former dietitian Ms. Aiko Maehara and her mother Kazue.

First, instead of appetizers, “umukujiandagi”is served.
Umukuji is beniimo “a purple-colored sweet potato” and andagi originally means “deep fried.

“We limit calories as much as possible to make our dishes healthy.”
Without oil, they cook it over an incredibly right heat level.
In this context, theirs are not correctly andagi, but the texture is the same one you can find with andagi.

In fact, the surface is crispy and the inside has glutinous palatability.
You can call it a new texture that you can enjoy the natural taste of umukuji.
The dish comes with healthy ucchin-cha (turmeric tea) and costs \450.


Their main menu “Kazane Soba Set”includes soba, condiment, jushi (Okinawa pork rice porridge), and sataa andagi (Okinawa doughnut) and jiimamidofu (tofu-like food made from peanut and starch) for dessert and costs \680. (Only “Kazane Soba” costs \630.)

They use flat noodle of an Okinawa’s famous “Kamehama Noodle Company.”Their original soup is made with chicken and pork broth with the base of dried bonito .
The taste of the soup is the lightest that it could be and dainty with mild, rich flavor.

Please use condiments of your choice from leek, wakegi (spring onion), benishoga (pickled red ginger), shouga (ginger), etc.
If you don’t like a simple flavor, please use”shichimi togarashi (seven flavor chili pepper)"as a kick.

They repeatedly remove fat from pork until only collagen remains.
Then add the two slices of pork belly cooked with their secret sauce and two slices of kamaboko (fish minced and steamed) on top of soba.

For jushi, they use simple ingredients like carrot, hijiki (brown sea vegetable), kamaboko, and pork and a little soy sauce for seasoning.  No oil is used for their jushi.  (Only “jushi” costs \200.)

Jimamidofu is usually made from peanut and kuzuko (powdered arrowroot). Since peanut is high-calorie, they use some for adding flavor. So their jimamidofu is made mostly from soy milk, which is why it is yellowish in appearance.  Contrary to soba, it has an impressively firm taste.

Together with a small sataa andagi, their dessert is not so heavy.  So ladies can try them easily.

From the perspective of the former dietitian, they guarantee the graceful meal time with the concept of “traditional home Okinawa cuisine”in addition to their style that “We want to rebuild our reputation as the longevity island, Okinawa with healthy meals.”

Other than their passion for the taste, you might be interested in the red tile roofed-house, which is an authentic Ryukyu-style structure with no nails used.

They asked a miyadaiku (a carpenter who specializes in building palaces), whose culture bearer we have few now, to build the house with the same wood and method as found in Shuri Castle in 1996.  Dining space is quite large, about 20 tatami rooms. We have tables with chairs in another room.

Please note that you can reserve the rooms for drinking party at night.  Reservation is required by 3 days before your visit.


In the room, works of Kazue-san, the owner’s mother and ceramics painter are casually displayed. While waiting for your meal is ready, how about enjoy watching her work?

Lovely-chan, their dog is the blood of Ryukyu dog with shiny black hair.
Being friendly, when a visitor comes, the dog starts heavy appeal, saying “Play with me!”  


Ms. Aiko Maehara, the owner (Shown on the right of the picture) and her mother Kazue-san welcome visitors from the mainland Japan for minpaku (homestay program). 

“It is best to let the people from in and outside of Okinawa to know the traditional flavor and lifestyle of Okianwa as well as to get back the good health and longevity Okinawa,”she said with gentle smile.

One day you go in to a remote area which you usually notice and happen to find a shop.
“The shop only for me”…such a word really fits this fancy Okinawa Soba restaurant.


〜Akagawara Soba〜 Kazane

Address: 203-1, Maji, Naha City
TEL: 098-911-8539
Hours: 11:00〜19:00
* Soba and jushi have a limited number of servings and when they are all sold out you will no longer be able to order them.
Closed on Wednesdays
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kuwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)