Okinawa Tourism Information:“AnewwaytofeelthenaturalblessingsofOkinawa,thefacelotionofChufudiNatureusesnaturalingredientsfoundonlyinOkinawa”

“A new way to feel the natural blessings of Okinawa, the face lotion of Chufudi Nature uses natural ingredients found only in Okinawa”

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When it came to souvenirs, Okinawa was known for being the “Mecca of handmade soap.” However, souvenirs were quite different 10 years ago. Back then common souvenirs consisted of Okinawan snacks and foods, Yachimun pottery, Ryukyu glasses and other traditional crafts or artwork unique to Okinawa. With Okinawan cosmetic products not around back then, the owner of Chufudi Nature stated that he wanted to share all the great things about Okinawa to everyone. They wanted to create a safe and reliable product that was good for the skin and thus the Okinawan cosmetic brand Chufudi Nature was born.

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Starting with the handmade soaps in 2010, Chufudi Nature’s concept originated from the 5 natural blessings considered in Okinawa: the Kuroshio currents, the sun, plants, both the flowers & fruits and lastly, the land. The handmade soaps, using an abundance of the natural blessings, are made with extreme care and customers have praised their products. Some comments include: “My skin problems have been resolved using this product!” or “My child says they want to use only Chufudi Nature products!” All these positive experiences and reviews have increased the number of customers not only in Okinawa but throughout other parts of Japan as well.

Out of all the Chufudi Nature products, we will be introducing the Okinawa Sozai no Megumi Keshousui, (face lotion using natural ingredients found only in Okinawa). The face lotion, which was first made in 2016, was created to answer a simple question from a long time customer, “Is there anything to use after using soap?”

Photo courtesy of Chufudi Nature

The face lotions all started off by trying to find the correct ingredients to match and suit the various skin types, and to this date, they currently have a selection of 6 different types to choose from.

The *“Green Papaya Face Lotion” with green papaya extract, is a slightly refreshing type of lotion that has a slight scent of lavender oil that helps keeps your skin silky smooth.

The *“Tankan Face Lotion” with tankan fruit extract, is a normal type of lotion that has a slight scent of mandarin oil that helps keeps your skin smooth.

The *“Hibiscus Face Lotion” with hibiscus extract is a moist/rich type of lotion that has a slight scent of frankincense oil which helps keep your skin moist.


The *“Shima Soymilk face Lotion” with rich Okinawan soymilk (using Japanese soybeans) extract is a very moist/rich type of lotion that has a slight scent of lemon and rosemary oil which helps keep your skin soft, rich and moist.

Recommended for those with sensitive skin, the * “Ryukyu Yomogi Face Lotion” with  mugwort extract, is a light refreshing type of lotion that is fragrance-free and gently helps keep your skin looking healthy and smooth.

Recommended for those with sensitive skin, the * “Miyakojima Aloe Vera Face Lotion” with aloe vera (from Miyako Island) extract, is a soft moist type that is fragrance-free and helps keep the skin healthy and moist.

In 2017, these 6 lotions mentioned above were awarded the grand prize of the “Naha Mayor’s award”. The “Naha’s mayor award,” given out by the city of Naha, is an award given to an excellent product, made within 3 years in Naha. The product must get the approval of the public, through votes and go through a strict reviewing process to be considered. A founding member of the face lotion, who was also in charge of the presentation, stated 3 key factors for winning the award “ First, we used natural Okinawan ingredients in abundance, second, we created products to suit various types of skin and third, we were able to offer our products at an affordable price. I think these 3 factors led us to the award.”

Photo courtesy of Chufudi Nature

From the 6 types, it is said that the most popular ones are the “Shima Soymilk Face Lotion” and the “Hibiscus Face Lotion.” For those with sensitive skin or prefer oil or fragrance-free products, the “Ryukyu Yomogi Face Lotion” and the “Aloe Vera Face Lotion” are popular choices.

Chufudi Nature continues to lead the Okinawa cosmetic market with its handmade soap and with its recent addition of  face lotions. Imagine being able to experience the natural blessings of Okinawa on your skin. Why not try a bottle?


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