Okinawa Tourism Information:SupportingSoloFemaleTravelers.AStylishHostelwhereTravelersComeTogether[THEKITCHENHOSTELAO](NahaCity)

Supporting Solo Female Travelers. A Stylish Hostel where Travelers Come Together [THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO] (Naha City)

post : 2019.02.27 18:00

All travelers here to explore Okinawa start in Naha City, and in the heart of this city is  THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO, and its popularity is rising especially among the female travelers as a stylish hostel where travelers flock to.

[Photo courtesy of THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO]

When traveling in Okinawa over an extended period of time, the cost of accommodation becomes a big factor. The price of lodging at THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO is very reasonable, at 2,999 yen (before tax) per person, per night. With an additional 500 yen, you can also get breakfast, too. For all guests to comfortably stay at the facility, everything is stylish, clean, and the security is great, which is an added plus if you’re a woman travelling alone.

First, the check-in. The staff at the front desk can speak English and Chinese. Since Okinawa is seeing a rise in the number of foreign travelers in the last few years, it’s reassuring to know there’s multi-lingual staff.

After you get your explanations on the facilities, you’ll find amenities by the stairs. They have a great variety of amenities for their guests, such as body towels, bath towels (for rental), cleansing oil, face wash, all-in-one lotion, razor, toothbrush, cotton swab set, hair tie, feet cooling sheets, eye mask, ear plugs, and another item you’ll need in Okinawa, sunscreen. With such a wide variety of amenities, you have everything you need while traveling.

Beyond the stairs is a lounge with brick-design walls. The lounge has a long sofa for you to kick back and relax and there are lots of information on traveling in Okinawa. This is a great place to unwind, meet other travelers, and exchange your experiences. In the notebook in the lounge are pages of messages written by travelers who came and stayed here. From the notebook, you can see they’ve had many guests from many places.

All the guests staying here are given a security code to access the locker room. Each guest is assigned a locker that’s big enough to hold a decent sized suitcase. The sleeping space has a stylish interior, numerous books and photo books, magazines with information on traveling in Okinawa. You can plan your special trip in Okinawa at the cute sofa and table.

[Photo courtesy of THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO]

For a comfortable sleep, they have pocket coil mattresses from IDC Otsuka Furniture, and a comfortable futon from Shinsaibashi Nishikawa with a nice feel against your skin. A relaxing environment for a good night’s sleep is ready for you. They have one of the highest maximum capacities in accommodation facilities in Okinawa, with 52 spaces for the limited use by their female guests, and 28 spaces for use by men and women.

In the washing room are various skincare goods which is also another helpful thing for ladies. Further from the sinks are very clean shower booths which have shampoo and body soap available for use. There’s also a laundry room at the back, equipped with a washer that you can lock. This is convenient when you’re traveling light with limited baggage, as you can do the laundry whenever you need.

Lastly, on the first floor of THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO is a Yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers) Izakaya (Japanese style pub) called Ryukyu Shinkei. Here, you can of course mingle with other travelers, and even the staff and other locals and get local insight on places to go, see, and do, which you won’t find in any travel magazines. You may come across a piece of information or experience there that might become one of your special memories on your trip in Okinawa.

For those travelers in Okinawa for a longer stay, I highly recommend THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO and am certain that you’ll be very satisfied with the accommodation rates, cleanliness, security, and everything else. As a place for people to meet, exchange information and experiences, THE KITCHEN HOSTEL AO is hard at work every day to fulfill the needs of travelers to Okinawa, and offering a comfortable and relaxing place and time. I’m sure you’ll have many interesting encounters and experiences for you to discover new things about Okinawa.


Address: 1-4-1 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-863-8156

*Rates are current as of January 2019.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami