Okinawa Tourism Information:FIFTHSONSANDWICHWORKS(KitanakagusukuVillage)ProudlyOffersHomemadePullmanBreadandDeliciousBreakfasts

FIFTH SON SANDWICH WORKS (Kitanakagusuku Village) Proudly Offers Homemade Pullman Bread and Delicious Breakfasts

post : 2019.03.15 06:00

Kitanakagusuku Village already has a great selection of cafes and bakeries with distinctive tastes, but recently, another unique shop has opened here. FIFTH SON SANDWICH WORKS offers great sandwiches made with breads that are baked in-house, and their roast chicken is also very popular. The name of the shop is because the owner, Makoto Nagamine, is the youngest of five brothers. Nagamine-san is originally from Uruma City in central Okinawa, and upon graduating high school, he moved to Tokyo and worked for a company in the big city for a few years before deciding to pursue his own path at age 26. He bought a food truck and began his business, Crazy Tacos, and sold tacos in the business districts during the week, and on the weekends, he went to various events and festivals like the Fuji Rock Festival. Later, he opened Farmer’s Chicken, specializing in roast chicken. Then, in September of 2017, he made a U-turn back to his home island of Okinawa and opened FIFTH SON in August, 2018.

“A place to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.” In opening a business in Okinawa, Nagamine-san was determined to make sandwiches using breads that he bakes himself, and to serve them for breakfast. He spent almost a year to perfect his original recipe for bread that was great un-toasted for sandwiches, but also delicious toasted. After months, he finally completed his recipe for his original, homemade Pullman loaf.

In appearance, Pullman loaf looks like a regular loaf of bread, rectangular in shape, like a train car. Nagamine-san’s Pullman bread is prepared with fine Canadian flour, mixed with plenty of eggs and cream to create the soft and fluffy texture.

He prepares the dough for the next day after he closes the shop. The dough rests overnight in the fridge to mature in low temperature. He comes in early in the mornings, between 4:00 to 5:00 to bake the bread for the day.

On the day I visited, I was treated to the Hand-Chopped Beef Patty Sandwich. In place of ground beef, Nagamine-san chops up steak meat to create a delicious and meaty patty without need for extra ingredients to keep the meet from falling apart. Seasoning is simple and just right, with only salt and pepper, to fully enjoy the real taste of the beef.

I then tried the grilled chicken with rosemary. It was a popular item on the menu when Nagamine-san operated “Farmer’s Chicken”, and he proudly uses the same original recipe. He uses dried herbs to rub in the chicken, and overnight, this dry marinade amplifies the wonderful aroma of the herbs. The chicken was savory with the surface grilled crispy, and the inner texture was tender and juicy.

To top off the meal, I finished with French toast with mangoes and cranberries. The French toast has the shop’s signature taste, marinated in eggs and cream added with rum.

Nagamine-san says, “The reason why I decided on this location was because of the lush greenery and the international atmosphere.” He was initially looking for places in Naha where there are more people, but later, he went around on his bike looking for places in Chatan, then in Kitanakagusuku. By luck, he found a vacant spot near “Roguii” and “ten”.


“I loved to travel, and when I was living in Tokyo and spending my days in the metropolis buried in work every day, I would take some time off and go out of my way to find a resorts to vacation overseas,” he says. He never felt charmed by Okinawa all the way through to high school. When he was grown man he visited Okinawa on occasions, and his trips here consisted of going to and from the airport and his parents’ house. He says he began to see and feel attracted to Okinawa about two years ago, on a visit home. “Right in front of me, there are resort locations. Here, I can work and enjoy a resort lifestyle. I can go diving after work, and enjoy SUP on the waters with nobody around me.” And so he decided to return to his home island of Okinawa, and he started his shop. It’s small, but a very relaxing and welcoming place.

When you’re feeling like you want to forget about your busy life for a while, and just enjoy the here and now, with the joys of life right before your eyes, this is the place where you’ll want to go.


Address: 1411-1 Shimabuku, Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-930-3235
Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 (or when sold out)
Closed: Mondays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Nobuya Fukuda