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Okinawa; Bougainvillea and Old Homes, and Nakijin Soba

post : 2019.03.19 06:00

In the northern region of Okinawa known as Yanbaru, is Nakijin Village. This is where you’ll find an old residence that’s distinctively Okinawan with blinding white roof tiles and brilliant, eye-catching bougainvillea. This is Nakijin Soba.

Inside this soba noodle shop, all the tables are set on the tatami mats. The well-seasoned tables for two or four are accompanied by charming seat cushions to welcome the customers. The place is filled with a comfortable atmosphere of the bygone era, and looks to be a great “old and good Okinawa” setting to enjoy Okinawa Soba.

Available for purchase inside are Nakijin Soba’s original spicy Nama Shichimi, as well as Koregusu, Okinawan chili pickled in Awamaori, both of which add zest to bowls of soba. Try them with your order of soba and if you like them, pick up a few bottles or jars to take some home with you and to remember your trip here.

They also offer Okinawan sweets along with their spicy additions, like the handmade Chinsuko cookies and sugared Karinto made by Ippukuya, a shop located at the corner of Motobu market in the adjacent town. The simple yet delicious taste of these treats will get you hooked.

What’s more, they also have a selection of Okinawan souvenirs like Yachimun pottery pieces and postcards with very Okinawan drawings. You’ll enjoy looking at everything they have available while waiting for your soba.

The soba noodles served in the soup are carefully hand made with particular care by the owner. The Soki ribs are so tender they’ll melt in your mouth, and the ginger is also pickled in-house. The soup is clear and has a gentle, delightful flavor. The warm and simple seasoning of their soba was created by the owner who wanted visitors to Okinawa to enjoy Okinawa soba in an old Okinawan style residence.

In the quiet settlement of Nakijin Village, and in this residence from the ages past, my eyes wander unconsciously to the newspaper clippings pasted on the walls, and I picked up a magazine from the rack on the wall and flipped through its pages. In no time, my Okinawa soba arrived.

Quietly, I sip the soup and the gentle taste spreads on my palate. I slurp some noodles and enjoy the texture with every bite. Then comes another wave of the gentle taste from the ginger, and I take a bite of the tender Soki rib. I add some spices that are placed on the table and appreciate the changing tastes. Slowly, I finish the soup to the last drop. After the meal, I bask in the comfortable flow of air that passes by here. I can feel the “Island Time” seeping into my body, so far from the grueling days of working in the city, the stress from work, the relentless commute, and the murderous speed of everyday life. Then it hits, “Wow. I’m in Okinawa.” That simple recognition will pour out from the core of your body and before you know it, your soul, too, will also be pleasantly embraced.


Address: 181 Shoshi, Nakijin Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-56-5782
Hours: 11:30 to 15:00, 17:00 to 20:00 (Last Order @ 19:45)
Closed: Tuesdays & Every 4th Wednesday of the Month

Okinawa CLIP photo writers, monobox (Tetsumasa & Kozue Kawano)