Okinawa Tourism Information:ShopwithConcept”FoodandLiving”“oHacorteBakery”Opened!

Shop with Concept ”Food and Living” “oHacorte Bakery” Opened!

post : 2014.05.20 18:00

“oHacorte Bakery” was opened in Izumizaki, Naha City, which in the middle of the business district and the quiet residential area.

This newly-opened shop of “oHacorte,” which is famous for its fruit tarts, created a new, bright, large space that has a restaurant serving food which goes well with bread, a bakery, and an interior shop. 


Handmade bread using natural yeast are displayed in and out of the glass counter.

The bakery is open from 7:30 in the morning, so it is nice when you want to have a light breakfast.  If you come to the shop around noon, you can find different kinds of bread.


Bucket made from Japanese wheat and natural yeast, focaccia with Italian rock salt, and crispy, flaky croissant, …

Croquants, a crispy-baked croissant with sugar and almonds, a brioche (a dainty bread using lots of egg and butter) with orange peel inside,  …

Tartine (meaning ‘baked a tart’), a baked focaccia with seasonable vegetables and cheese, today’s bread….

Our lineup has these products with natural sweetness from wheat when it is freshly baked and different texture of different bread.

In addition, they use Okinawa ingredients for their bread, such as bread with “aasa (a type of Okinawa seaweed)” kneaded into. 

For a dish “Fresh Pasta with Many Vegetables,”they use seasonable vegetables colorfully.  The spiciness of garlic increases your appetite and glutinous palatability of pasta makes you addicted to the dish.

This dish is “Beef Stew Cooked in Western-style Cuisine Restaurant.”
They use chuck eye roll stewed in demiglace sauce well, with plenty of largely-cut vegetables.
It is seasoned so mild that it seems well-received by people of all ages.



“Think about living and food through designs and spread the idea through DIY.”

This is the concept of “oHacorte Bakery.”

They want their customers to enjoy the taste of food they had in “oHacorte Bakery” at home in a lighthearted manner.  So they sell oil, seasonings, and vegetables grown by farmers in Okinawa, which are used for their dishes in the restaurant.


At the interior section, you can find antique furniture and sundries, and ornamental foliage plants. 

They are planning to increase the number of their original interior goods, DIY products like tools and paints whose excellent designs cannot be found in other stores.   

As you cook, you can change your living in a fun way.
Every time you come here, you might have a new idea.

In addition, pamphlets prepared in the shop show you not only menu items but also their recipes open to the public.
Please take one copy for you!

oHacorte Bakery

Address: Kina Bldg. 1F, 1-4-10, Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-869-1830
Hours: 7:30〜22:00
Parking : Not Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Takano Nakao