Okinawa Tourism Information:ABreathtakingViewfromAtopaHillAlltoYourselfatPANORAMAOCEANVIEWCOTTAGE(MotobuTown)

A Breathtaking View from Atop a Hill All to Yourself at PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE (Motobu Town)

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(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

The northern region of Okinawa Island is referred to as Yanbaru. On a peninsula that stretches out to the South China Sea is Motobu Town. Here, you’ll find great beauty of Mt. Yaedake, and the local port that brings in large catches of bonito tuna. And of course, the area is most well-known for the Churaumi Aquarium. On a small but steep hilltop near the ferry terminal that connects to Iejima and Minna islands, is PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE, a private cottage with breathtaking views. 

(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

At the foot of the hill where the cottage is located, the scenery is amazing with the seas in various gradation of blue. The bright rays of the sun reflect brilliantly on the clear waters, and the beautiful sight is truly awe-inspiring. The owner, Nakai-san, relocated from Tokyo and started his cottage here. For the best view, he says he recommends the sunsets. On sunny days, the sun is directly in front as is sets into the horizon, creating a magical atmosphere at dusk. He says the myriad of colors is never the same and each sunset is different.

The cottage is a long structure, somewhat like a trailer home, and at the entrance is a wooden deck surrounded by tropical flowers that warmly welcome the guests. You can spend your day relaxing as you gaze out to the sea, or gently swing on the hammock and drift away to dreamland. Either way, what a luxurious way to spend an afternoon.

Nakai-san loved to travel and visited many places as a backpacker. Upon returning to Japan, he worked in the IT field in Tokyo, and began to want “to live a healthy life surrounded by the great nature”. In 2014, he relocated to Okinawa. By using his own experiences as a traveler, he began thinking more about creating a place “to welcome travelers”. He first started a small accommodation facility, renting a part of an old traditional home, then later, he encountered this location. Only 15 minutes by car from the Churaumi Aquarium and the Fukugi tree-lined community of Bise, and only 10 minutes from Sesoko Island where the transparency level in the surrounding seas is something the locals boast about. The convenient access to some of the most recommended sights of interest in the northern region of Okinawa is another reason families and other visitors to Okinawa choose PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE, so that they can fully enjoy everything that the northern region has to offer.

(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

The spacious living room has white walls that bring out the natural taste of the interior while surrounded by the forest. It’s an inviting and relaxing space with the gentle rays of the sun that pours between the leaves of the forest warming up the room.

(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

As you check in, the seasonal flowers welcome you. Take a seat on the sofa and immerse yourself in the comfortable silence of the forest and recharge after your drive here.

(Living room seen from the loft)

There are two types of cottages offered at PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE, the twin suite and the double suite. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge and rice cooker as well, so you can shop for fresh local ingredients and prepare your own meals in the comfort of the cottage.

(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

Outside on the wooden deck is a BBQ grill and you can purchase charcoal and groceries from the nearby supermarket or convenience store and have yourselves a nice BBQ. Everybody loves a BBQ on sunny days, enjoying a feast and taking in the beauty of the sun setting into the seas as you sip on a nice cold glass of beer! If you make arrangements in advance, they will have a set of ingredients that include Yanbaru’s fresh pork, chicken and vegetables as well as the charcoal ready for you for a reasonable price.

Spending quality time in the great nature of Yanbaru with your friends or family is precious and priceless. Nakai-san says, “I feel as though I’m travelling the world while living in this area,” as he enjoys conversations with his guests arriving from all around the world to enjoy their own precious, quality time at PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE.

(©PANORAMA Ocean View Cottage)

A private and relaxing time is a promise at PANORAMA OCEAN VIEW COTTAGE. You will be enchanted by the brilliant ocean blue that expands before your eyes. Gently rock on the hammock at twilight as you listen to the recital of music performed by the sounds of the birds and insects. Look up at the night skies for a universe-sized planetarium. Let yourself go from the busy everyday life, and let the natural aromas of the Yanbaru’s forests fully recharge you with natural energy. Enjoy yourself to your heart’s content in Yanbaru.


Address: 2439-1 Sakimotobu, Motobu Town, Kunigami, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-6198-0982
Check In: 16:00 (Last Check-In Time @ 20:00)
Check Out: 10:00

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