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A Visit to the Open Gardens in Nanjo City!

post : 2019.04.13 13:00

Every year, I look forward to the Ikoi-no Open Garden event held in the spring (April) and autumn (October) in Nanjo City. This spring, the event is held from April 6 (Sat) to the 14 (Sun), and yes, I was happy to make a visit. What is it that makes me go time and time again? Let me introduce you to some of the points that got me hooked.

During the Open Garden event, the local residents of Nanjo City welcome visitors to their private gardens for a limited time, so people can enjoy the flowers and plants in their gardens. Meeting and engaging in conversation with the residents is one of the things that’s enjoyable in the Open Garden event.

The Open Garden has designated gardens that are open for viewing, and not all private gardens are available for the public to see. Every time I go, the designated gardens change a little, and seeing different gardens is another interesting part.

Some of the gardens have rare flowers like the jade vine. Seeing such flowers keep me coming back, too.

What I look forward to the most in the Open Gardens is seeing the gardens’ caretakers again. For example, the gentleman (#13 in the guidebook) who has been growing bonsai for 70 years, shares his stories with such great humor and is so enjoyable to talk with. Maybe that’s why his bonsai has a unique shape and form.

Also, the residents are not only good at tending to their gardens, but there are many who lead lovely, enriched lives and with playful outlooks on life (like #11 in the guidebook).

Meeting the people is definitely a big part of the fun, but you’ll likely come across a garden (or a place) that you’d want to visit again. Each time, there will be more and more places like that.

Okinawa’s climate doesn’t necessary have clear four seasons, but the plants and flowers that you can see in the spring and autumn are a little different, and so that too, is another charm that I look forward to every six months between the event. The Open Garden event for 2019 is something that you may enjoy very much.


Nanjo City Ikoi-no Open Garden
Event Period: April 6 (Sat) to 14 (Sun), 2019
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00
Location: Designated Gardens within Nanjo City
Admission: 500 Yen/Passport
Hosted By: Nanjo City Tourism Association
                  Tel: 098-948-4611
Passports available at 12 locations, including Nanjo City Chiiki Bussan Kan (Regional Specialty Products Center), Okinawa Prefectural Government Building in Ozato, Nanjo City, Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo, and others.

*For details on the special events for the 10th anniversary of the Open Gardens, please contact the Nanjo City Tourism Association.
*The Autumn Open Gardens is scheduled for November 16 (Sat) to November 24 (Sun), 2019.
*To see photos from the past event, please refer to the past article (from 2014, article in Japanese):  

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura