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Snorkeling Tour at the Spectacular Hateno Hama in Kumejima (Kume Island)

post : 2019.05.23 08:00

One of the most spectacular views offered at Kumejima is Hateno Hama, and to fully enjoy this piece of paradise, I recommend signing up for a snorkeling tour! A three-hour tour in paradise is available at Okino Hama which boasts an exceptional experience. You can opt to go snorkeling right from the beach or on a boat, and the tour also offers lectures for you to safely enjoy snorkeling. What a great deal!

Hateno Hama is a picturesque sandbar that floats on the pristine waters off Kumejima. The 7km stretch of sand is made up of Maeno Hama, Nakano Hama, and Okino Hama, and they’re collectively referred to as Hateno Hama. You may have seen posters or pictures of this sandbar in Kumejima. Most often seen in these focus on Okino Hama because of its exceptional beauty. If you’re looking to go there, EEF SPORTS CLUB located inside the Eef Beach Hotel offers fantastic tours.

To enjoy Hateno Hama to the fullest, the Picnic Snorkeling package, which is only offered during the summer season until October, is highly recommended. You can learn how to enjoy snorkeling, have the guide take you to an awesome snorkeling point on the boat, and life jackets and snorkeling gear are all available, too. This great tour includes lunch as well as the use of parasols and chairs for you to relax and enjoy yourself on Hateno Hama!

The meeting place for the tour is at the club house (Eef Sprts Club) located behind the Eef Beach Hotel, where you’ll join the group at 9 in the morning. Then you’ll depart from the port and will reach the farthest point (Okuno Hama) on Hateno Hama in about half an hour. Eef Beach is one of Kumejima’s beautiful beaches, too, but the sand on Hateno Hama is even whiter, and the contrast of the white sand and the blue seas is breathtaking and so brilliant that it’s almost blinding.

Once you reach Hateno Hama, you will be shown to your chairs under a parasol. (*To enjoy Hateno Hama in comfort, it’s important to secure a nice rest spot with a shade.)

Then comes the snorkeling lecture before you go and have fun swimming in the ocean. Many people have tried snorkeling and have learned on their own, but this is a great opportunity to learn solid techniques and be correctly informed for your own safety and peace of mind.

Once you learn the basics and get advice on snorkeling, you’ll head out to the snorkeling point at the coral reef about 5 minutes away on the boat from Hateno Hama. Now, you can start swimming!

Under the water is a world filled with various fish. Surrounding the coral reefs, you can swim with the numerous colorful tropical fish. After enjoying boat snorkeling to your heart’s content, it’s time to head back to Hateno Hama for lunch.

Once lunch is finished, you’ll have about an hour of free time before the boat departs. You can choose to add SUP or other marine activities like riding the Banana Boat. You can also go back in the water for another swim, or grab your camera and snap away to capture photos of the beautiful surroundings.


I had the opportunity to ask one of the participants (from Kanagawa Prefecture) what they thought about the tour.
“I used to live on one of the outer islands of Okinawa, but Hateno Hama is just exceptional. In the tour, I saw so many different types of fish, and they took us to a great snorkeling point. I also tried SUP for the first time which I wanted to for a long time, and also got a BSAC card to show that I completed the snorkeling lecture course. A friend recommended this tour, saying that I definitely should go. I didn’t really think too much about it before I signed up, but I’m so glad that I came.”

I asked one of the tour instructors, who’s an expert on Hateno Hama about its charm.
“No matter what area of Hateno Hama you take a photo of, it’ll look like a postcard because it looks like paradise. People say its beauty is the best in Asia, and the spectacular scenery is something you won’t find anywhere.”
At Hateno Hama in Kumejima, you’ll find a view that you won’t find on any of the other islands. How about you join a tour during the season?


To sign up for a Hateno Hama Tour & for details and rates:
Eef Sports Club (located within Eef Beach Hotel)
Address: 548 Janado, Kumejima, Shimajiri, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-985-8733

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)