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Great Drives to the Nearby Islands of Okinawa. Part I: Hamahiga Island

post : 2019.05.27 01:00

Stretching from the eastern coast of central Okinawa Island is the Kachu Doro, a road on the water known for the refreshing marine-blue ocean view that expands on both sides. This area is a popular area with the locals enjoying a nice drive on their weekends, as well as a great tourist spot for visitors to the island.


Wind surfing, kite surfing, and other marine activities are popular here, and when cruising along the coast nearby on a sunny day, you’ll see the colorful kites dancing in the air, enhancing that tropical paradise feeling.

The first island you reach after crossing Kaichu Doro is Henza Island. On the side, you’ll see a small fishing port and a bridge. Across this Hamahiga Ohashi Bridge is Hamahiga Island, with a population of about 500 people.

According to Ryukyuan mythology, Hamahiga Island was the “home of gods”, and with the recent popularity of “power spots”, more and more people are visiting the island every year, looking to recharge their spiritual energy on this mystical island. Personally, I’ve met some people who swear that they were “blessed with a child” or “met the love of their life”, all thanks to a visit to the island. I even know of a family that packed up their lives and moved to the island.

A beach near Shirumichu, a spiritual place where a god lived, according to Ryukyuan mythology.

We love Hamahiga Island, and on sunny days, we take the family to go swimming in the waters on a deserted beach, or spend a day fishing.

At the beach in front of 413 Hamahiga Hotel & Café, the relaxing sight of the fishermen leisurely spending their time adds to the overall calmness.

It’s fun to spend a day out to the island, but I recommend you spend a night to thoroughly enjoy the relaxing time on the island. My favorite hotel to stay on the island is the Hamahiga Island Resort. The view of the Pacific Ocean seen from their lobby is truly breathtaking.

The picturesque scene from the hotel lobby, like a cut-out piece of the crystal clear Okinawan seas.

Located across from Hotel Hamahiga Island Resort is 41 Hamahiga Hotel & Café, where they serve savory Okinawan style rice called Jushii, as well as other home-style cooking like Yushi Dofu for breakfast.

Hamahiga Island is also famous for the many traditional homes that still remain, with their red roof tiles. Tirabui is a diner housed in a renovated traditional home, and is also a recommended spot to visit.

When you take a step into the old, traditional homes of Okinawa, it looks and feels like the time stopped passing. Some of you may feel like you travelled back in time, or are visiting your old home that was lost in your memory. The nostalgic diner offers Hama-no Tirabui Teishoku, a set meal that’s popular with their customers. Their “seasonal vegetables and Suchika (salted pork), stir-fried with Andansu (seasoned miso)” won the first prize at the culinary contest held on the island. You’ll find great, local dishes at Tirabui.

Hamahiga is not a very large island at all, but you’ll find that it’s home to lovely hotels and great places to eat. Just seeing children having fun in the glittering water is heartwarming, and will unwind you.

After you enjoy Hamahiga Island, take a look at the next article for Part II of this series.

Okinawa CLIP photo writers, monobox (Tetsumasa & Kozue Kawano)