Okinawa Tourism Information:TheUntouchedShorelinesofKudakajima(KudakaIsland).TheBeautyofItsSeasandSkiesWillCaptureYourHeart

The Untouched Shorelines of Kudakajima (Kudaka Island). The Beauty of Its Seas and Skies Will Capture Your Heart

post : 2019.05.29 22:00

Kudaka Island is accessible from Okinawa Island on the six regular boats that connect the islands. There, you’ll find a pristine, untouched coastline.

In one year, our planet orbits the sun, and during this time, the moon orbits our planet. The gravitational pull from the moon and the sun creates the varying faces of the seas through the ebb and flow of the tides. This cosmic rhythm remains unchanged from ages past, and here on Kudaka Island, the view of the seas displays that.

During the low tide on sunny days with little wind, the calm lagoon or what is known as Inoh in Okinawa, is like a mirror reflecting the vast blue skies.

On nights of a full moon, the moon appears from the eastern horizon as the sun sets in the westerly sky. As the moon rises, it creates a path of light that reflects on the waters.

At the Inoh on the nights of a new moon, the low tide arrives in the middle of the night. This is when the islanders come down to the shores for Ijai, catching octopus and collecting shellfish in the shallows.

The purple of dawn is a sight to behold and will recharge your soul.

As the sun sets, the sky, seas, and every white grain of sand are all colored in shades of pink.


Nature and its many faces of beauty are there for us to enjoy, and constantly in motion. The hearts of man were perhaps created to appreciate the beauty of nature.

With its extraordinary history and the numerous religious rituals that still remain here today, Kudaka Island is often referred to as the Island of God. The spiritual culture of living with prayers was perhaps nurtured through life on this island with such beauty of nature that goes far beyond human wisdom.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Aya Asakura