Okinawa Tourism Information:DynamicbutSafe,EvenwiththeIncreasedWaterVolumeintheRainySeason!TodorokiWaterfallisRecommendedforaDayTripwithFamily

Dynamic but Safe, Even with the Increased Water Volume in the Rainy Season! Todoroki Waterfall is Recommended for a Day Trip with Family

post : 2019.06.08 06:00

Just a short distance from the northernmost exit of Kyoda on the Okinawa Expressway, is a great spot for you to enjoy the wonderful nature of Okinawa’s northern region of Yanbaru. That place is Todoroki Falls located in Nago City. After exiting the Expressway, continue driving for another five to ten minutes and turn at the Sukuta Intersection, and from there, it’s only a few hundred meters away. Normally, you may think, waterfalls are located deep in the woods, but Todoroki is surprisingly accessible!

After parking, it’s just short distance away on the pathway before you see the waterfall before your eyes. The height of the waterfall is about 28 meters and the gazebo offers a great angle. You can go further on the path to get closer if you’d like.

The pathway was newly laid in December 2018, allowing visitors to go near the basin safely. Being the rainy season now, the water volume is more than normal so the waterfall is at its most dynamic.

When visiting a waterfall deep in the woods, there are risks involved when the water volume is high. But not here at Todoroki Falls. You don’t need to worry about that. In the stream under the stone bridge, children were having fun playing in the water. Adults can have fun with the kids here, too.

You’ll be able to see small creatures that live by the waterfall. There were small shrimp in the stream, as well as frogs and dragonflies in the area by the water.


The old irrigation channel and the walls that were built long ago to keep away wild boars still remain in the area, giving us a glimpse of the days gone by.

This is a great sightseeing spot to experience the great nature of Yanbaru (the northern region of Okinawa Island), worry-free and without trouble. It’s a great place to visit with your family, too.


Todoroki no Taki (Todoroki Falls)
Address: 594 Sukuta, Nago City, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-52-3394 (Sukuta District Office)
Admission: 200 Yen/Adult (100 Yen/Elementary to High School Student)
Parking Available

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura