Okinawa Tourism Information:KeramaTerraceonTokashikiIslandisOneoftheBestPetitResortsintheKeramaIslands

Kerama Terrace on Tokashiki Island is One of the Best Petit Resorts in the Kerama Islands

post : 2019.06.17 06:00

Just over 30 minutes on the fast ferry departing from Tomari Port in Naha City, is Tokashiki Island, the largest island within the Keramas. For the Okinawa Clip readers, the island is likely familiar from our numerous articles on the marine activities, hidden beaches and other related stories of the island. Since we’ve never released an article on accommodation facilities, which is surprising, this article will introduce a very special accommodation facility on the island.

Situated in the community of Aharen on the southern region of Tokashiki Island, Kerama Terrace is a petit hotel that opened in 2008. Since then, it has continued to rank in high in various ranking sites, with its focus on offering a sophisticated and private getaway for its guests.

The first thing that pleasantly surprised me was the front lobby on the first floor. The luxurious interior was reminiscent of a high class hotel like those in Bali, and the atmosphere there was unlike other facilities in the outer islands. From the interior decoration to the furniture, everything was of unified design, in quality taste, and with the wonderful resort feel of a southern paradise.

Further in from the lobby is their dining bar, [abisso], where they offer tantalizing and gorgeous dinners. The full course meal prepared and offered proudly by the master chef who honed his skills in high class hotels and others in Tokyo, uses mostly Okinawan ingredients, particularly those from the Kerama Islands. The fantastic and original dishes are also full of local ingredients from Tokashiki Island, like the seafood and vegetables. You can enjoy the wonderful meal accompanied with quality wine selected from their stocked wine cellar.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerama Terrace

To the delight of the ladies, there is an esthetic salon and private spa on the first floor as well. They also have a great lineup of cosmetics made with Okinawan materials.

A change in taste from the gorgeous dinner is their breakfasts, prepared with a concept of “kind foods for the body”. You can enjoy your breakfast at the terrace seats amid the brilliant green lawn.

There are eight guestrooms in total, and their most popular is the convenient Standard Room (shown in the photo above). In addition, their Loft Room offers a fun twist in your stay.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerama Terrace

Their marine shop, Water Kids, is connected to the facility and offers diving and snorkeling activities. If you decide you want to enjoy marine sports on a whim, no problem. Their affiliated shops will accommodate you without hassle, welcoming anyone to try the various marine sports they offer.

The owner of the shop, Eiji Kuniyoshi, is only 36 years old! His bright smile is contagious and he has a lengthy experience as a diving instructor. He’s a local who loves his home island and as he works as an instructor, he also works hard as one of the leaders in the village chamber of commerce for the further development of the area. He’s constantly going back and forth every week from Tokashiki to Okinawa Island, and is truly dedicated to what he does.

The biggest allure is of course, the location. The beautiful local seas is known as Kerama Blue, and is world renowned for its top class transparency levels and is always ready for you to enjoy. One of the best beaches in the Kerama Islands is Aharen Beach (shown in the first photo above), and is a short walking distance from the hotel. It’s fantastic to be able to casually hop over to such a beautiful beach whenever you feel like it.

For the best place to view the sunset, ask one of the staff for directions to a spot that only the locals know about. You’ll find an awesome spot to chill out, undisturbed. For experienced travelers looking for a destination that’s a cut above the rest, be prepared because you’ll definitely be hooked.


Kerama Terrace
Address: 103 Aharen, Tokashiki Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-987-3477
Rates: Please refer to their website.
Check In/Check Out: 13:00/11:00

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)