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For Spectacular Ocean View, Visit Miyako Island

post : 2019.06.19 06:00

In a short while, Okinawa will see the end to the rainy season and the hot summer will be here once again. There are numerous Okinawan islands that are perfect to spend your summer days, and among them, Miyakojima (Miyako Island) is one that you absolutely must visit.

Miyako Island is located approximately 290km southwest from the main island of Okinawa, a distance of about 50 minutes by air. There are direct flights from Tokyo, which takes about three hours one way, offering convenient access to the tropical paradise that is Miyako Island.

So why, you may ask, do I recommend a visit to Miyako Island in the summer? Well, the answer to that is for the spectacular ocean that surrounds the island. Miyako Island boasts a number of breathtaking beaches, but Yonaha Maehama is a cut above the rest and its beauty is one of the best that Japan has to offer.

The beautiful waters at Yonaha Maehama has an amazing level of transparency, washing the white sandy beach that stretched seven kilometers. Another great factor for beachgoers is that there are no admission and parking fees, and the showers are also free to use.

Also, Miyako Island has great access to the nearby islands, connected by its numerous bridges. These islands include Kurima Island that floats just off Yonaha Maehama Beach, the northernmost Miyako island of Ikema, and Irabu Island (shown in the photo above) ss connected by a big bridge that was completed and opened in January 2015.

The people of Miyako are also another reason why I recommend a visit there. The energetic mothers on the island will share their smiles and spirit when you meet them, and you’ll forget your worries and stress from your everyday life. That said, though, you may not just bump into them, so I recommend you participate in activities like introductory cooking classes to learn how to prepare some local dishes. For example, you can learn the island’s cuisine from Chiyo, the charming proprietress at Tsukayama-so guesthouse, or observe tofu making at Ishimine Tofu Shop.

After enjoying a swim or other water sports, you may want to go on a drive around the island for other fantastic view. In that case, another recommended spot is Cape Higashi Hennazaki, about 40 minutes away from Miyako Airport. The Cape is located at the eastern end of the triangular shaped Miyako Island. It was chosen as one of the one hundred best urban parks and nationally designated as a scenic spot. It’s a great spot to view the sunrise, too. Visit Miyako Island to enjoy these and other spectacular sights on this fantastic island.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)