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Handmade Candles in Okinawan Hues, Available from Blue Moon Jill Candle Work Okinawa

post : 2019.07.17 06:00

Beautiful candles to light when inviting guests to your home, or just for yourself when you want to relax. You’ll find just the right candles here in Okinawa.


Each one of these candles are carefully handmade by Rinka Iihoshi, and these beautiful pieces with designs accompanied with the essences of Okinawa’s natural blessings are lovely items to have when enjoying special moments with others or just simply relaxing.

The blue of the candle in the photo above brings to mind the seas and sky of Okinawa. From within the candle are bright flower petals of bougainvillea, a beautiful climbing plant of the tropics that we often see, decorating the gardens of local homes. It’s like the brilliant blossoms of bougainvillea are dancing in the sea breeze under the bright blue skies.

The candles shown above are inspired by another familiar plant on Okinawa, the Gettou (pronounced get-toh) or pink porcelain lily, also known as shell ginger. The beautiful, natural colors are extracted from the leaves of the pink porcelain lilies, then boiled in soy wax which the candle is made from.


Another type of soy candle made with soy wax are these matte white candles with imbedded shells. Rinka-san says she created them with the image of shells scattered on a white sandy beach.

Soy candles are said to cleanse the air when lit, so that’s another added plus on top of its lovely appearance, and the known soothing effects of flickering flames.

How about relaxing in the candle light from the candles created with beautiful colors of Okinawa? I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it.  

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Akari Matsumura