Okinawa Tourism Information:ForaMorningthat’saLittleDifferentfromtheOrdinaryandwithanAmericanFeel,HowAbout“BreakfastatRoseGarden”?

For a Morning that’s a Little Different from the Ordinary and with an American Feel, How About “Breakfast at Rose Garden”?

post : 2019.08.13 09:00


There’s a restaurant that’s highly popular among professionals in my field, like editors, writers, photographers and such. Many of them talk about how they “go there quite often on days off.”
Along Route 330, past the Futenma intersection and towards the Rycom intersection, you’ll pass by a landscape that looks like that of a foreign land.
Soon, you’ll see a nostalgic-looking American style building on your right-hand side.
This homey red-roofed building located at the most American-feeling area in Okinawa, is the much talked about Rose Garden.


Every day, the parking lot is full from morning to passed lunchtime and the restaurant is filled with American families there to enjoy breakfast or lunch.
The classical American interior makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the good old days in a typical American home.
The music playing in the background is always cheerful, and always in English.


Every time I come here, I always order their Eggs Benedict.
Their homemade English muffin is delightfully chewy and the thick slices of ham, also homemade, are grilled to perfection.
Topped with eggs that are poached just right and covered with a generous portion of Hollandaise sauce, the Eggs Benedict at Rose Garden will certainly stimulate your appetite.


At first, you may not be sure to where to begin, but slide your knife in the delicious layers, and there!
All the layers are intact and you can carry the first bite to your lips with ease.
The taste is richer than what you may have expected, and is perhaps more delicious than what you imagined. Your stomach will be thanking you for the delicious bite.

What’s also great is that they offer their breakfast menu like pancakes and French toast until 5pm, just like the other items on the menu.


The popular choices for lunch and dinner are steaks.
Since it’s an Italian restaurant, their pasta and pizza are, of course, very popular, but they have a great selection of classic American meals like traditional Southern sausages, homemade ham and omelets, too.
People of all ages enjoy the relaxing meals in this unique atmosphere, and the meals may be a little bit fancier than your everyday meals.


Once you’re finished with your plate, now, it’s time for dessert.
My top recommendation is their cheesecake, prepared with a recipe that has remained unchanged since they first opened.
The secret to the great popularity of their cheesecake is that it offers the best of both soufflé and baked cheesecakes all in one.
When I went this time, their cheesecake was unfortunately already sold out.
So I ordered the Mango Sauce Souffle, and it was simply delicious.
The rich cream cheese melted in my mouth nicely with the refreshing mango taste.
Just like the main dish, it’s more filling than you’d expect.
You can take your time and enjoy free refills on hot coffee and iced tea.

Stop by the Rose Garden for breakfast in an atmosphere that’s uniquely Okinawan and taste that you won’t find in other parts of Japan.


Rose Garden
Address: 165-1 Yagibaru, Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-932-2800
Hours: 8:00 to 23:00 (Last Order at 10:00)
Open Daily

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Nobuya Fukuda