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Anti-Aging with Sweets!? Feast on the Popular Acai Berry Bowl for Breakfast

post : 2019.08.16 07:00

This is your correspondent and blogger Sachiko who’s always dreaming of Hawaii from cafes in Okinawa.

Although I’ve never been to Hawaii yet, I take my travel guide books on occasion, flip through the pages and think, “I’ll have breakfast here, then coffee there. Hmm, which hotel should I stay at?” I enjoy my imaginary vacations…lol.

Here’s a café in Okinawa where you’ll feel Hawaii in the air. This café, C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA, opened in May 2014 near the Makishi Public Market in Naha that’s currently being rebuilt.

The concept of C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA is “truly delicious breakfast to enjoy like being on vacation.” You can also enjoy Hawaiian style breakfasts, too. The café was the talk of the town when it first opened, and even today, it’s busy with locals and tourists.

The owner and culinary researcher of C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA is Yuko Yamanouchi.

She says, “I was always impressed at how the Hawaiian people really enjoyed their mornings. Doing yoga or going surfing before going to work, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee at a café. I felt that they truly cherished their mornings. I always wish that such a lovely way of life in Hawaii can also be a part of Okinawan life, too…”

The interior has a basic tone of white, with a dash of blue in a shade that was carefully selected. I personally love the relaxing color coordination here, and I’m secretly planning on repainting my room the same color.

C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA is a café that I frequent, and I know exactly what I want when I go there, but still, I open the menu every time and think, “Oh, this looks delicious, too,” or “I’m going to order this next time.”

The Shima Tofu and Avocado Sandwich, Eggs Benedict, and their Original Souffle Pancakes are some of the menu items that always tempt me, but I always order their Acai Bowl. Even when I think I’m still undecided on what to order, my lips always seem to say, “I’ll have the Acai Bowl, please.”

I especially feel the need to go to C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA on my way home after my yoga lessons. My body seems to crave it.

For those ladies who are always working hard to be more beautiful, the Acai Bowl may be very familiar to you.

Acai palm is a species of palm tree that is native to Brazil. The acai (which looks a lot like blueberries, but it doesn’t taste tangy or sweet like blueberries) is blended like a smoothie, topped with your favorite fruits to make the Acai Bowl. The Acai Bowl became popular in Hawaii and quickly spread across Japan.

Thanks to Yuko-san who came across the most idyllic Acai Bowl while living in Hawaii, I don’t have to actually go there to enjoy the real thing. I can simply drop by C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA to enjoy the Acai Bowls whenever I want.

Despite the countless number of times I’ve eaten this, I’m always delighted with the sweet and tangy mixture of fruits and honey, and the delicious crunch of the homemade granola. I enjoy each and every spoonful, and before I know it, I’ve eaten the whole thing.

Acai is commonly known to be very nutritious, and also contains anthocyanin and polyphenol which helps to prevent aging. It also contains vitamins B, C, and E to support beauty, and is rich in dietary fiber which helps to keep your tummy healthy. It’s also rich in iron, too, and with all of this, it’s no wonder acai is called “the miracle from Brazil,” and known as a “super fruit”.

Okinawa is showered with strong UV all year round (they say 3x more than Tokyo!), so the Acai Bowl can really help to prevent your skin from aging. Did I already say this? I totally recommend the Acai Bowl at C&C BREAKFAST OKINAWA!!


C&C Breakfast Okinawa
Address: 1F Takamine Bldg. 2-9-6 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-927-9295
Hours: Weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00 (Last Order at 14:00)
Weekends/Holidays from 8:00 to 15:00 (Last Order at 14:00)
Closed: Tuesdays

Okinawa CLIP correspondent, Sachiko


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