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Breathtaking Beauty! Top 8 Recommended Beaches on the Outer Islands of Okinawa

post : 2019.08.17 07:00

The biggest allure about Okinawa is of course, its beautiful waters. Among the amazing beaches found throughout the prefecture, many are located on the smaller outer islands of Okinawa. Just gazing out on to the sparkling emerald-green waters will make you forget about the small stuff and soothe your soul. In this article, we’ll be introducing our recommended beaches on the outer islands that you’ll want to head out to right now!

1. The Most Beautiful Deserted Island, Hateno Hama

Hateno Hama, an uninhabited island that floats 5km off of Kumejima Island is so beautiful that it’s often said to be the most beautiful beach in the East. The white sandy beach and the emerald-green waters attract many visitors and is often used as a filming location for TV commercials and movies.

The long stretch of beach known collectively as Hateno Hama has three different beaches; the Maenu Hama, Nakano Hama, and Hateno Hama. The total length of the white sandy beach extends to 7km.


[Access to Hateno Hama]
A 5-minute boat ride departing from Tomari Fisharena in Kumejima Island.

2. Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island

The waters of Kerama Island chain, known as Kerama Blue, has been designated as a national park and its beauty is world renown. To really experience the Kerama Blue, Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island is highly recommended.

The small island seen from Aharen Beach is named Shibugaki Island, the only island in Japan that’s named after a famous pop group.


[Aharen Beach]
Address: Aharen Beach, Aharen, Tokashiki Village, Shimajiri, Okinawa
Accessible by ferry or speed ferry from Tomari Port in Naha.

3. The Emerald-Green Waters of Hatoma Island

Hatoma Island is one of the Yaeyama Islands, and only about 60 resident live on this very small island. The biggest charm of Hatoma Island is the emerald-green ocean that surrounds the island. You can reach Hatoma Island from Ishigaki Island by boat.

You will be overwhelmed at the sight of its waters which you could spend a whole day just gazing at the spectacular view.


[Details on Hatoma Island]
Hatoma, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama, Okinawa
Approximately 40 minutes by boat from Ishigaki Island

4. Cape of Higashihennazaki on Miyako Island

Cape Higashihennazaki is located at the easternmost point on Miyako Island and boasts a breathtaking view. The spot was chosen as one of the 100 most scenic urban parks in Japan and from the observation point, you can command a fantastic view of the horizon. The waters off Cape Higashihennazaki is an amazing dark blue, and this is one of the most famous spots on Miyako Island.

The breathtaking view continues all the way to the observation point!


[Details on Cape Higashihennazaki]
Address: Henna, Bora, Gusukube, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

5. Ie Beach for Nature and Leisure Activities

Ie Beach is situated on the coast of Iejima Island and is popular for its wide and open beach and beautiful seas. Nearby is a camping area for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors. The beach is especially recommended for families with children.

With camping, various marine sports, and BBQ, Ie Beach has a lot to offer for the whole family!


[Details on Ie Beach]
Address: 2439 Higashieue, Ie Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-49-2906 (Ie Village Commerce and Tourism Division)

6. Kabira Tabaga, a Natural Beach on Ishigaki Island

Kabira Tabaga is a natural beach situated on Ishigaki Island, and is one of those beaches that the locals have kept as their hidden treasure. Since not many people know about this spot, the beach and water are pristine and untouched. The shallows extend to quite a distance and you won’t be able to resist going into the water.

The scenic beauty at Kabira Tabaga makes it a popular spot for photo shoots and filming.

7. Nishi Hama Beach in Hateruma Blue

Nishi Hama Beach is found on Hateruma Island, the southernmost inhabited island of Japan. It has been selected as the best beach in Japan in the past, and the beautiful emerald-green waters, known as Hateruma Blue, will take your breath away.

The waters off Hateruma Island are renowned for its clarity, and on sunny days, you’ll be able to see beautiful scenery like the photos shown.


[Detailas on Nishi Hama Beach on Hateruma Island]
Address: Hateruma, Yaeyama, Okinawa

8. Komaka Island, a Deserted Island Accessible from Okinawa Island

Komaka Island is the tiny island that you can see about 2km from the shore of Chinen Peninsula in the southern region of Okinawa Island. This uninhabited island is convenient to reach by boat, and its beaches are lined with fine grains of sand and is safe for children to play. Bring your gear and enjoy various marine activities here.

The island is deserted so you’ll enjoy the privacy! You can spend the whole day here with family and friends.


[Details on Komaka Island]
Managed by: Chinen Marine Leisure Center
Address: 676 Kudeken, Chinen, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-948-3355

The outer islands of Okinawa are full of unique charm and beauty! Like the Kerama Blue and Hateruma Blue, the shades of blue are different at the different beaches and you can enjoy the varying attractions. We hope you’ll visit one of the beautiful beaches on the outer islands.

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