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You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off! The 5 Most Fantastic Sights in Okinawa

post : 2019.08.20 07:00

When we think of Okinawa, many of us imagine the blue seas washing up against the white sandy beaches. However, there’s more that Mother Nature shows us on Okinawa. We’ve gathered photos of some of the most amazing sights in Okinawa that we can’t see every day. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

1. A Favorite among Divers; The Blue Cave

The Blue Cave in Onna Village is a very popular diving spot that many divers can’t get enough of. The sun’s rays that shine in from the opening of the cave reflect on the seabed to create a brilliant shade of blue that is both unique and breathtaking. When natural coincidences collide, the world shows us such great beauty, and how lucky the divers are to come across such a miraculous view.

At Island Club, they offer guided tours of the Blue Cave and they also rent wetsuits, too. They are very kind and thorough in giving guidance that even beginner divers will be at ease to enjoy the tour.

The view in the underwater world is like a scene from a movie.


[Details on the Blue Cave]
Address: 469-1 Maeda, Onna Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-982-5339 (Cape Maeda Management Office)

2. Scenic Sunsets on the Island

The period around sunset in Okinawa is called Akokuro in the local language, and during this time you can see dusk making way for night to set in, creating a sight that looks like it could be from a world of fantasy. The sun sets gracefully in the horizon on the west coast of the island, showing us this spectacular view only on clear days. If you get to witness it, there’s no doubt, it’ll definitely be a memorable moment on your visit to Okinawa.

Many people gather along the coast at dusk daily to watch the amazing sunsets.

Depending on the cloud coverage, the view changes every day. Get your camera ready to capture that special shot.

3. Toguchi Beach, One of the Favorite Sunset Spots with the Locals

Toguchi Beach in Yomitan Village is not very known among visitors to Okinawa. It’s a small and cozy beach on the west coast of the island, and is perfect to spend a relaxing day. Visit with your friends to enjoy a comfortably slow-paced day and enjoy the wonderful nature of Okinawa.


[Details on Toguchi Beach]
Address: Next to Tomarigusuku Park, 228 Toguchi, Yomitan Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-982-8877

4. The Shaded Paths of Fukugi Tree-Lined Neighborhood in Bise

The Fukugi Tree-Lined Streets in Bise is a very popular sightseeing spot. The fukugi trees were planted many years ago as windbreak to protect the neighborhood and its residents from the strong sea breeze. Some of the trees are older than 300 years, and you can enjoy this quaint little community on a wagon drawn by a water buffalo.

Enjoy the slow and relaxing pace of “Okinawa Time”.


[Details on Fukugi Tree-Lined Streets of Bise]
Location: Bise, Motobu Town

5. Coral Spawning; A Miracle that Occurs Only Once a Year

A rare facility for visitors to observe the spawning of coral is run by a company called Sea Seed. The facility is the first in the world to succeed in farming coral, and the Japanese movie, Tida Kankan, featured their activities. Coral spawning occurs only once a year, and can be seen around June. It’s magical to see the tiny pink coral eggs released in the tanks, but you can only see them if you’re very lucky. It’s very difficult to project exactly when the spawning will occur, so try your luck if you’re going to be in Okinawa around that time of the year.

Numerous corals are farmed in this tank.

The small pink dots are coral eggs. They look like beautiful little snowflakes floating in the water.


[Details on Sea Seed Co., Ltd.]
Address: 915 Takashiho, Yomitan Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-982-9988

That was our introduction of some of the fantastic sceneries offered on Okinawa, only when several natural factors align. We hope you’ll come across such sights while you’re here!

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