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Kerama Pearls with a Gentle and Strong Presence; Nature’s Creation of Breathtaking Formative Art

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Pearls have a delicate beauty and give an air of sophistication. Among the many kinds of stones and jewels, pearls have a special way of enhancing the beauty of our skin. Although simple in appearance, they have a strong presence and go well with various styles especially that of mature, sophisticated women.

When we think of pearls, many of us may picture the white and round appearance we often see, but in fact, these blessings of nature come in various types. For example, there are genuine pearls from pearl oysters, Tahitian black pearls, and South Pacific pearls. There are also a myriad of colors like white, cream, pink, gold, blue, black, silver, green and others, and their sizes and shapes also differ as well.

The pieces offered by “chinen*chinen” that are neatly arranged at the shop, Dear Okinawa, are made with black pearls called Kerama Pearls which are nurtured in the waters of the Kerama Islands.


Pearls commonly take about two years to develop, from the nurturing of the shells to the formation of pearl. However, the Kerama Pearls are nurtured in the ocean for five years! Most of the pearls are not available on the market and so they are very precious and rare.

The Kerama Pearls are given great care and are of very high quality, and in particular, the Keshi Pearls and Baroque Pearls that are available from chinen*chinen are very attractive and are natural pieces of art in itself. When worn, the pearls seem to light up our appearance and enhance our individual beauty.

Koji Imai, a jewelry designer hailing from Nagoya, became fascinated with the elegance and delicate presence of the Kerama Pearls. After graduating from Nagoya City University where he majored in art engineering, he taught at a vocational school specializing in jewelry in Tokyo, while holding solo and group exhibits in the big city as well as in Nagoya. He came across the Kerama Pearls in a wonderful coincidence.

In 2013, he relocated from Tokyo to Okinawa, and currently makes castings for jewelry and creates pieces using Kerama Pearls and natural stones at chinen*chinen in Nanjo City.


Kerama Pearls grow in black-lipped pearl oysters and have a diverse range of colors and shapes, and their shine is different from other types of pearls. The gradation of gray hues range from a light, blueish shade and gives a shine like a reflection of the Kerama Blue, or what the crystal clear waters of the Kerama Islands are known as. Such beauty can only be found in the Kerama Pearls.

It may be hard to tell from the photos, but when worn, the pearls have a beautiful blue and silver-gray shine, and have a very unique and distinctive beauty. The pearls form in a shape that are not perfect circles and each and every bead of pearl has a different shape.

Jewelry offered by chinen*chinen adds and enhances the beauty and sophistication of every woman. Drop by the shop and find yourself that one-and-only piece of jewelry that you’ll love for a very long time.


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi


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