Okinawa Tourism Information:A-LunchToGo!APopularMenuCherishedbyUchinanchu(Okinawans)isAvailableforTakeoutatTaketaParlor(Naha)

A-Lunch To Go! A Popular Menu Cherished by Uchinanchu (Okinawans) is Available for Takeout at Taketa Parlor (Naha)

post : 2019.09.16 08:00

In the back roads of Akebono, an area situated on the outskirts of Naha City, is Taketa Parlor which opened its doors in March 2018. The owner opened the shop with intentions of “offering delicious food to the locals at an affordable price.”

“Parlors” in Okinawa have long been “a cafeteria or shop in a simple structure where light meals are offered.” Taketa Parlor is just that, and even junior and high school students can casually drop by for a bite to eat on their way home from school. Taketa’s is a parlor that’s tightly knitted into the community.


Available at Taketa Parlor are menu selections that have been offered at parlors in Okinawa for a long time and remain very popular with the locals. These include Okinawa Soba, Curry & Rice, A Lunch, B Lunch, C Lunch, and others. The interior of the shop is bright and clean, furnished with an antique-modern sofa. It’s a place where anyone can walk in alone and feel right at home.

A Lunch, B Lunch, and C Lunch are common selections offered at diners in Okinawa and have been popular with the locals for decades. The contents may differ according to the diner, but what remains the same is the great volume of food with various fried items.

The A Lunch offered at Taketa Parlor (which comes with soup when dining in for 880 yen, and 600 yen for takeout) consists of chicken Nanban (chicken cutlet with a crispy batter and topped with Nanban sauce), fried fish, ginger pork, and tomato based Napolitan pasta. It comes with a side of salad and the rice is topped with an egg prepared sunny-side up. Even at my age (around 40), I get excited when I’m about to indulge in the A Lunch, thinking “this is a kids’ meal for adults!”

(Photo shows A Lunch for takeout.)

They don’t use any frozen or processed foods, serving up only freshly fried items so that the batter is delightfully crispy and crunchy♪ The chicken is juicy and the fish is nice and fluffy. The seasoning is light and delightful and you’ll enjoy the dish to the very last bite.

Taketa Parlor initially opened as a curry shop and offers their curries for only 500 yen. Despite its low price, the curry is made carefully with hidden seasonings using lemongrass, and mixed with a sauce made with shellfish broth. The taste of their curry is comforting and familiar, but the spicy punch catches up a little after. The curry topped with fried chicken is just 500 yen, but their plain or Kihon Curry is even less, at only 400 yen! That’s a surprisingly low price for such quality.

Other delicious menu items include Ome-Rice, Napolitan, Taco Rice and others, and all are available for eat-in or takeout.

The shop is designed with an open kitchen so that the cooking staff and customers can easily communicate. It was intended so that the customers will feel even more comfortable, seeing the people preparing their meals.

Yokota-san, the manager, explains, “We prepare the meals for our customers with the same care we would for our own families.” Since they’re open at 6:30 in the morning, it would be a great start to a day of sightseeing around the island with a hearty breakfast (which is only available for eat-in) at Taketa Parlor. How about enjoying a very local Okinawan gourmet that many of the Uchinanchu love?


Taketa Parlor
Address: 3-8-24 Akebono, Naha City
Telephone: 050-1165-0019
Hours: 6:30-14:30 (Last Order at 14:00)
Closed: At the End & Beginning of the Year

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi