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Okinawa’s Goat Milk Soap Adjusts the Balance of Your Skin Each Time You Wash

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Are you using the right methods of skincare? Our regular skincare routine may be doing more damage than good, resulting in skin problems.


Some of you may be familiar with the idea, “beautiful skin starts with proper facial cleansing.” So why is it, that facial cleansing is so important for our skin?

That’s because buildup of makeup and oils that have turned acidic over time collect in the pores, which cause skin problems and acne. That said, if you wash your face a number of times throughout the day, it would remove natural oil to an excess and lower the “barrier” functions that protect our skin, resulting in dry and sensitive skin.

Moisturizing is also a very important part of proper skincare, but in order to enhance and to have healthy skin, it may be necessary to rethink our “washing care.”

Becoming increasingly common in countries like America, Australia, and France where they are more advanced in offering products that are natural and organic, are soaps made with goat’s milk. Goat milk contains large amounts of lactoferrin, which is very close to mother’s milk in component, and is said to be low in irritants and can even be used for young children with sensitive skin. However, it’s very rare to see goats milk soap available in Japan, and even in Okinawa despite the unique “goat culture” here.

Shino Kyan, who is originally from Okinawa and owns an aesthetic salon in Osaka, always wondered about that. So she set out to develop a special soap made with ingredients from her home island of Okinawa.

There are many goat farms on Okinawa, and Kyan-san visited a number of them. She found Itokazu Kapura Farm in Nanjo City to be have the most sanitary facilities and gave her a good impression. She then asked them for their cooperation in developing this soap.

At the farm, goats are fed a special mixture of grass with herbs, which alleviates that distinctive and strong goat smell.

Milk from goats that are fed a herbal mix of grass are blended with various ingredients shown in the photo above. These include papaya enzymes (which gently exfoliates the skin), brown sugar made on Ishigaki Island (which contains natural moisturizing agents, whitening, and antiseptic properties), passionfruit seed oil (which has excellent antioxidant effects, and is one of the best moisturizing agents among natural plants), and others. Kyan-san also came up with an idea to add bamboo charcoal (which has high absorption to clean dirt and oxidized sebum from pores) and essential oils (ylang-ylang, rose geranium, and ho leaf oils certified by the Aroma Environment Association) to eliminate odors for people who are sensitive to smell.

Majority of the soaps available on the market are milled which allows mass production, but the Natural Rich Soap made with goat milk are made using the cold processing method which requires very little heating. Heating is eliminated as much as possible because the heat breaks down the positive components found in the ingredients. What’s more, you won’t find any synthetic surfactants, fragrance, nor additives in these wonderful soaps.


The box shown above contains two types of soap made with goat milk; the LIGHT Type is great when you want to clean your pores or if you have oily skin, and the MOISTURE Type is recommended to alleviate dryness or tightness on your skin.

Kyan-san recommends, “When you wash your face at night and feel that your pores are filled with makeup, try the LIGHT Type. In the mornings when you’re not too concerned about dirt and oil, try the MOISTURE Type. I recommend switching up according to what’s best for your skin when washing.”

Try this “washing care” with goat milk soap, and get your beautiful, glowing skin back!


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi


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