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Casually Enjoying Okinawan Food at Kame’s KITCHEN in Senaga Island’s Umikaji Terrace

post : 2019.09.20 07:00

You can casually enjoy it with one hand, and it even has good, balanced nutrition, and what’s more, they’re available for a very reasonable price! Sounds too good to be true? Well, this healthy fast food that’s kind to your body and your wallet is available at Okinawa Shokudo (diner) Kame’s KITCHEN, a shop at the Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island.

Kame’s KITCHEN opened in 2017, and in December of 2018, they added their new menu item, the Pork Tama Sushi Burrito. Perhaps they’re still unfamiliar to many people, but soon, these sushi-burritos may join the likes of tacos and Pork Tamago (egg) Onigiri (rice ball) that’s ever popular in Okinawa.

The Pork Tama Sushi Burrito (400 yen each) combines the burrito, a famous Mexican food which comes with meat and vegetables rolled in a tortilla, and the Japanese rolled sushi, and Okinawa’s soul food, the Pork Tamago Onigiri, all in one. Steaming hot rice is spread out on a square of Nori seaweed, and topped with pork luncheon meat, and Okinawa’s goya (bitter melon) stir-fry, or Ninjin Shiri Shiri (stir-fried carrots), or Hechima sponge gourd cooked with miso are added and rolled to make this Pork Tama Sushi Burrito. It’s an original creation by Kame’s KITCHEN that combines traditional Okinawan cooking with a new twist.


The American brand, SPAM is more famous in mainland Japan, but here in Okinawa, when the locals refer to pork luncheon meat, the brand TULIP from Denmark is more popular, and is an item that is commonly seen in various Okinawan dishes. There may be little difference, but I think that Tulip luncheon meat is less salty than SPAM, and has a more mild taste.

The pork luncheon meat used at Kame’s KITCHEN is of course, the Tulip brand. The luncheon meat is sliced and grilled, and rolled up with the various Pork Tama Sushi Burrito choices. Unlike the regular sushi rolls, the rice used in this popular menu item is not vinegar rice, so those of you who aren’t big fans of the tart taste of vinegar will also enjoy it.

“I hope to offer Okinawa’s traditional home-cooking to the younger generations in Okinawa, as well as to visitors from the rest of Japan and overseas,” says Kyomi Muto, representative of Kame’s KITCHEN. Muto-san is also the representative for KAME ANDAGI, a shop that offers fresh Sata Andagi (Okinawan donuts) to its customers every day. She says, “You know how people, mainly the younger generations in Okinawa are becoming less familiar with traditional foods? I was so saddened by that, and so I opened this shop, hoping to show the next generations about the traditional Okinawan dishes that I enjoyed since I was a child.”

Umikaji Terrace is a popular spot enjoyed by many people from all over the world, and here, Kame’s KITCHEN offers Okinawan food that’s not in their original form, but arranged in a casual style that’s easier for people to enjoy.


Shown above is their Maguro (tuna) Avocado Wasa-Mayo (mayo with wasabi) available for 480 yen.

Like this selection, their sandwich-style menu items are also popular and are available with kimchi and cheese, Okinawan Wagyu beef, Ebi Mayo (shrimp and mayonnaise), or tuna and avocado shown above, wrapped in the pork luncheon meat and egg onigiri.

It’s been decided that Kame’s KITCHEN will be relocating to Chatan in March of 2020. Since their Pork Tama Sushi Burritos have become so popular, they’re not able to run the business in the small shop that they’re currently in. So with that, their shop in Umikaji Terrace will see its last day on January 30, 2020. Until then, you can enjoy their delicious menu there, so be sure to drop by while you’re in Okinawa.


Address: 174-6 Senaga, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-851-8836
Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Open Year Round

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi