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Kerama Blue Seas of Tokashiki Island; Beauty Beyond Words

post : 2019.09.30 06:00

When asked what the biggest attraction in Okinawa’s summers is, many people will likely respond, “The ocean!” Then the next question is, “Where’s the best place to go enjoy the ocean?” Let me answer that. It’s this island!

Now, this is strictly my own personal opinion, but I have to say if you’re looking to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful waters of Okinawa’s islands, head to Tokashiki Island. Why, you ask? Well, I have some specific reasons why I think it’s the best. I love the island so much that I visit there every summer for my own vacations.

First of all, it’s so close! It’s only 35 minutes away from Naha (Tomari Port) on the fast ferry. Even if you take the bigger, car ferry, it only takes an hour and 10 minutes.

There are two very popular beaches on Tokashiki, the Tokashiku Beach and Aharen Beach. Both are excellent if you’re looking to go snorkeling, and each location offers different charms.

Tokashiku Beach is recommended because your chances of crossing paths with a sea turtle is quite high because it seems that a sea turtle has made its home somewhere along the shore. The turtle can be seen swimming gracefully underwater, so maybe you can observe it, without scaring it of course, and take photos or swim near him/her. I can’t tell you how exciting and moving it is when you actually come across a sea turtle underwater.

Aharen Beach, on the other hand, is known for its amazing coral reefs. Only a short distance away from the beach, you’ll find a natural coral reef with colorful tropical fish swimming about. This is a great place to go snorkeling, too.

Across a short distance from Aharen Beach is a small, uninhabited island where you can reach on a boat. You’ll also be amazed by the rich coral that surrounds this island.

Besides these two major beaches that are well-known among visitors, Tokashiki Island also has natural beaches that only the locals know of. To let you in a hidden, local treasure, one of these natural beaches is Hijuishi Beach on the west coast of the island, and is a great place for a stroll at sunset.

At night, kick back and lie down on the cool sand at Aharen Beach and gaze up at the Milky Way and the hundreds of stars that glitter in the sky.

For great memories of summer, head to the beaches on Tokashiki Island.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)