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Brass Accessories by [atelier sou]; Beauty that’s Refined Over Time and Use

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Simple yet lovely accessories enhance whatever style of fashion you prefer. You can never have too many accessories that go well with whatever you’re wearing, whether you’re enjoying a casual style out with friends and family, or in a professional style in a business scene.

[atelier sou] is a studio/shop situated in Kyan, Itoman City, in a scenic location with an ocean view. The accessories are created at the hands of artist, Hideko Nakama, and Nakama-san’s basic concept of her work is “simplicity. Pieces so simple you can unconsciously choose whichever piece that meets your mood.” Accessories by [sou] are so wonderful because you’ll never have doubts like, “Maybe these don’t match what I’m wearing.” You can wear them every day and feel great about your choice.

Nakama-san’s accessories are mainly made with silver and brass. Brass has a more subtle glow than yellow gold. “Brass is more of a matte gold, which goes very well with the skin tone of Japanese people,” she says. Brass also changes over time and frequency of use so you can enjoy the transformation of its beauty for years to come, like antiques. She explains that your skin’s natural oils settle on the brass accessories to bring out a natural shine.

Take these Shizuku (water drop) Rings, shown above. These rings are popular because people enjoy the unique characteristics that come out over time and use. The square and hexagonal shaped rings changed the stereotype that “rings are supposed to be round”. These rings were inspired when a customer came and requested, “Can you push the curves in a little bit? Round rings don’t flatter my fingers.” When you try them on, you’ll see that they have a great fit.

On these rings are small, genuine silver balls which Nakama-san had initially planned to use pearls. She decided against it because pearls don’t do so well when in contact with water or acidic mixtures. Since these small silver grains had shine similar to pearls, she went with silver. Since silver is said to keep away bad luck, these rings are like good luck charms.

These earrings above are actually 2-way earrings. If you are at work or any place you can’t or don’t want to wear big earrings, you can take the rings off at the bottom.

You can wear the rings from the earrings as pendants or on your fingers.

These bangles shown above are dainty but certainly have a strong presence when worn on your wrist. Since the opening is gently curved, people love them because they’re also very comfortable to wear.

If you’ve ever worn bangles and the openings rub painfully against your wrist, then you’ll love these.

Nakama-san decided on the name [sou] for her atelier/shop from the Japanese homophones that mean ‘to accompany’, ‘together’ and ‘layers’. She creates her pieces with her heartfelt intentions and they accompany the lives of the people who choose to wear them, and together, over time, they create a bond that is deep with numerous layers.


Nakama-san says, “I have nothing but gratitude for my customers who come out all this way to see my work. It really doesn’t matter whether they purchase anything or not. I just hope that they will be able to relax and enjoy themselves here…You can see the ocean from my shop, so come by and take it easy. Some people spend an hour or two, just hanging out. I don’t just want to offer things to sell, but I want to continue making this shop and my accessories for people to feel good about, and say, “That was great! I want to come back here again!”

If you get a chance, why don’t you head out to [sou] and meet the easy-going Nakama-san and see her wonderful accessories?


atelier sou
Address: 1316-1 Kyan, Itoman City, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-3795-9933
Hours: Please check their website and/or SNS page.


Accessories Also Available at:
Dear Okinawa,
Address: 2F Connecting Terminal at Naha Airport, 150 Kagamizu, Naha City, Okinawa
Hours: 7:00 to 20:30


Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi 


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