Okinawa Tourism Information:HeeledbyNaturalBlessing…Nostalgic,GentleFlavorofLongevityVillage“Emi-no-Mise”

Heeled by Natural Blessing… Nostalgic, Gentle Flavor of Longevity Village “Emi-no-Mise”

post : 2014.05.24 12:00

“Emi-no-Mise” located in Ogimi Village, a worldly-known village for its longevity, is a restaurant for the owner’s personalized Okinawa traditional cuisine using fresh, locally-grown ingredients.


“As I think a great deal of using vegetables grown in my neighborhood carefully, I work very hard for growing and cooking the vegetables,” said the owner and national registered dietician, Ms. Emiko Kinjo.

She had wanted to provide mountain grasses and medicinal herbs grown in Ogimi Village to people in and out of Okinawa, so she decided to renovate her house to open this restaurant in 1990.

Emiko-san’s field is named “Emi’s Faaru (Field).”  Each of a number of menu items using plenty of mineral-rich island vegetables grown in her field is flavorful and nourishing.

The most popular menu item is “Chojuzen (Longevity Set Meal).” (Reservation is required one day before your visit. 1,575 yen)

The menu includes about 15 kinds of nimono (simmered dish), aemono (vinegared or dressed dish), agemono (deep-fried dish), yakimono (grilled dish), etc., all of which have a nostalgic flavor that people in Ogimi Village have enjoyed since back in the day.

Let me introduce you a part of the menu:

“Sururuguwa-no-maasuni (salt-simmered kibinago (silver-striped round herring),”“Tapioca Andagii (deep-fried tapioca),”“Mooi Doufu (ibaranori seaweed mixed with shredded carrots in a tofu-shaped concoction),” “Kugani Reimen (Shikuwasa (Okinawan lime)-flavored cold noodle),” “Kandabaausachi (vinegared sweet potato leaves), “Inganazunee (nigana (Crepidiastrum lanceolatum Naka) coated by tofu),”Iichoobaa –iri-Ebi Tempura (shrimp tempura with uikyo (fennel)”  

Honestly speaking, there were so many names of ingredients and dishes I have never heard before.
But Emiko-san explains each dish very kindly. (But it is preferable not to do it when she is busy with many customers.)

Another recommendation is “Makachikumisoore Lunch,” which means “Omakase Lunch (chef’s special lunch)” (980 yen)
Mainly using seasonal vegetables that Emiko-san grows in her field, she gets creative with each of more than ten food, which are gorgeously displayed in the dish.
She uses color very carefully so that you can enjoy different fresh flavor and aroma according to season.


 Other than those menu items, she provides a takeout service called “Choju Bentou (Longevity Lunch Box,” which has the same menu items as in “Chozu Zen.  (Reservation is required by 16:00 one day before your visit. 1,260 yen).

Routine meals such as “Goya Champuroo (stir-fried bitter melon) Set Meal” (945 yen), a simple-flavored “Emi-no-Andagii (Emi-san’s Okinawan doughnut)” (50 yen per piece), etc. are available.

Also her original seasoning, “Emi Shikuwasa (Okinawan lime) Ponzu Vinegar” using brown sugar is very popular. (840 yen, 275 ml)

 “When customers ask about my dishes, I introduce them my recipes.  I am more than happy if they cook my dishes at home,” said Emiko (her name literally means “smiling child”)-san with happy smile as her name implies.


Address: 61, Oganeku, Ogimi Village
TEL: 0980-44-3220
Hours: 9:00~18:00 (for meals 11:30~17:00)
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa