Okinawa Tourism Information:Textilesby[taion]areBornfromtheBrilliantContrastofColorsUndertheStrongRaysoftheOkinawanSun.(NahaCity)

Textiles by [taion] are Born from the Brilliant Contrast of Colors Under the Strong Rays of the Okinawan Sun. (Naha City)

post : 2019.10.15 08:00

Along Ukishima Dori, a side street off from the bustling Kokusai Street in Naha, you’ll find numerous stylish and unique shops. In December of last year, [taion] relocated to this area, and the shop offers one-piece dresses, small purses and other items made with bright and colorful textiles. The interior of the shop is cheerfully decorated with the vivid items, and once inside, you can’t help but to feel cheerful. Some customers exclaim happily when they enter the shop, delighted by the myriad of colors.

The owner of this shop is Lee-san, who draws up the original designs and pictures for the items. His work is inspired by the bright and colorful flowers and scenery of Okinawa that are enhanced by the powerful rays of the sun that showers on the islands. His wife, Nao-san, is the designer who creates the textiles. Every single item displayed at the shop, from the one-piece dresses to the purses, are all original works of [taion]. Because this is Okinawa, all the items are dazzling and fresh. Take the hibiscus flowers, for example. Hibiscus flowers are commonly seen on Okinawa, and even though they’re the same flower, hibiscus that we see in mainland Japan are completely different. Okinawa’s hibiscus flowers seem to be overflowing with life and are beaming with color. The husband and wife duo take that energy of life and the radiating landscapes of Okinawa as their inspiration for their creations.

Their one-piece dresses are extremely popular, and the hues really go well with the beautiful seas that surround the island, heightening that resort feeling. Imagine, wearing such a beautiful dress as you take a stroll on the beach. Your mind and body will be revitalized, and your trip to Okinawa will be further enhanced, don’t you think? They see regular customers who come by every time they’re in Okinawa, and when I saw all that the shop offers, I can understand why.

The wallets, small purses, bags, hats and other smaller items are getting very popular, too. Of course, their male customers enjoy shopping there as well, since they offer a lineup of men’s Aloha Shirts. The baby bibs and rattles are also very popular as the baby’s first gifts. Having such charming items made with textiles with brilliant colors close to us every day, will make you feel close to Okinawa all the time. I highly recommend these items for Okinawa lovers.

October in Okinawa is still hot, and at [taion], they have many great items for you to enjoy at this time of year on Okinawa, too. If you’re planning on visiting Okinawa, I hope you’ll check out [taion], because I think you’ll find your new favorite item that will add great shades of joy to your Okinawan vacation.


Address: 2-3-10 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-914-1082
Hours: 12:00 to 18:00
Closed: Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami