Okinawa Tourism Information:AuthenticRyukyu-Italian[PizzeriadaENZO](YomitanVillage)OffersPizzasPreparedwithOkinawanandItalianIngredients,BakedinTheirImpressiveWood-FiredOventhat’stheBiggestinOkinawa!

Authentic Ryukyu-Italian [Pizzeria da ENZO] (Yomitan Village) Offers Pizzas Prepared with Okinawan and Italian Ingredients, Baked in Their Impressive Wood-Fired Oven that’s the Biggest in Okinawa!

post : 2019.10.22 02:00

Maeda in Onna Village on Okinawa is known for the spectacular seas that stretch as far as your eyes can see. The scenic Zanei Hama beach is also located in this area, and no matter how many times I go there, it’s always amazing and always takes my breath away. And right at the entrance to Zanei Hama is [Pizzeria da ENZO].

The name of the establishment, ENZO, is taken from the famous Italian diver Enzo Maiorca from the movie, Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) which was set in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. The restaurant’s interior is stylish and feels like you stepped into a movie set. The layout is inviting for customers to enjoy a lively meal in a comfortable ambiance.

As you step inside, the first thing that catches your eye is their wood-fired pizza oven, proudly the largest of its kind in Okinawa. The oven has outstanding high-temperature and heat retention characteristics and the pizzas baked in this oven have a wonderfully crispy crust with the inside that’s fluffy and soft, thanks to the far-infrared effects of the oven.

The concept of the establishment is Ryukyu-Italian, prepared with plenty of Okinawan ingredients. Recommendations include their Ryukyu Special Pizza, with the crust made using Shima-Mugi Kanasan, the Okinawan-made flour, and toppings like Okinawan leafy vegetables and pork. You can also order additional cheese on your pizza, and at Enzo, they offer homemade mozzarella di bufala, a special cheese made with curd from Italian water buffalo milk. They also offer a great pizza made with this awesome cheese, too. Of course, they also have items other than pizza, like their popular carpaccio made with the freshest seafood, delivered directly by the local Uminchu (fishermen).


What’s more, with more and more people coming to Okinawa to hold resort weddings, Pizzeria da ENZO offers their facilities for private wedding banquets. The friendly restaurant staff are always full of smiles, and are extremely efficient with excellent teamwork, so a wedding reception there would most definitely be memorable and fun for the guests and the happy couple.

If you’re thinking of a resort wedding in Okinawa, add Pizzeria da ENZO to your list of reception venue candidates, as it offers a movie set-like interior that’s stylish and comfortable, and foods made with delicious local ingredients. I’m quite certain that with their help, you’ll host a wonderful wedding reception beyond your expectations, and one that you and your guests will never forget.


Pizzeria da Enzo
Address: 715-3 Maeda Shioyakibara, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-923-5924
Hours: [Lunch] 11:30 to 15:00 (Last Order @ 14:30)
           [Dinner] 17:30 to 22:00 (Last Order @21:30)
Closed Irregularly (Open at the end and beginning of the year!)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami