Okinawa Tourism Information:At[yaeee](inNahaCity),YouCanTryYourHandatMakingYourOwnAromaWaxSachetwithOkinawanFlowersOtherMaterials

At [yaeee] (in Naha City), You Can Try Your Hand at Making Your Own Aroma Wax Sachet with Okinawan Flowers Other Materials

post : 2019.11.12 19:00

Omoromachi area in Naha City is located about 15 minutes’ drive from Naha Airport. On the second floor of a building in this area is [yaeee], a studio offering various hands-on experiences to make your own aroma wax sachets, aroma candles, and herbarium bottles.

Available at the studio, where the pleasant scent of aroma oils fill the air, are beautiful Okinawan materials to use for your creations, including colorful flora, star-shaped sand grains, starfish, shells, and Ryukyuan Glass cullet. There are numerous finished samples displayed on the shelves, and you’ll never get tired of observing the beautiful pieces.

For this article, I had the chance to try making aroma wax sachets. The experience was reasonably priced, at 3,080 yen for a set of two sachets. I set out by choosing the aroma oil first. From the many selections available, I chose the plumeria oil which had a delightfully tropical fragrance.

Then, I selected the basic shape from round, oblong, rectangle, and ring shapes. I also got the flora and other materials to decorate the sachet and laid them out on a vat, arranging them in a layout that I imagined the finished sachet to look like. I poured the wax mixture with the plumeria aroma oil into the mold, carefully as to not burn myself.

When the surface was beginning to dry, I used the tip of a skewer to lift the thin layer of dried wax and placed the flowers and other decorative materials, sticking them carefully to the liquid wax surface. At this stage, the wax begins to dry quickly so you might feel a little rushed, but just relax and place the materials carefully and you’ll be fine. Under the guidance of the instructor, Kitano-san, I had nothing to worry about.

Once all the decorations were set in place, we put the mold into the refrigerator for 15 minutes. When the wax was completely solidified, I took it out of the mold, and tied a ribbon through the hole to complete the process. If things go smoothly, it only takes about an hour for anyone to easily make an aroma wax sachet.

Beside the two-piece set that I tried in this session, their three-piece set is also very popular. At 4,400 yen (including tax), you can learn to make an aroma wax sachet, herbarium bottle, and a herbarium ball-point pen. Kitano-san says she often sees people coming in to make something special to mark their anniversaries every year, and also for various other special occasions. “I hope to meet the requests and wishes of all the people who come here as much as I can, and assist them in having a wonderful experience,” she says. She also makes decorative boards to welcome guests for wedding receptions, too.

If you happen to find a shell or coral while beachcombing on your visit to Okinawa, you’re welcome to bring them in to use in your pieces. For the aroma wax sachets, you can also bring flowers and other decorative materials so that you can make a truly original piece to present as a gift. Remember, though, some materials may have a scent that may not go well with the other materials, so if you wish to bring in your own materials, feel free to consult with Kitano-san. The studio is conveniently located and accessible to and from the airport, so if you have some time before your flight, why don’t you stop by for a lovely experience?


Address: FLEX Omoromachi 201, 4-6-19 Omoromachi, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-1943-3750
Hours: From 10:00
Closed: Irregularly
Line@: @dwx5994w 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami


沖縄県那覇市おもろまち4丁目6-19 FLEXおもろまち201