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Hotel Gracery on Kokusai Street Has It All: The Location, Cleanliness, and Delicious Breakfasts

post : 2019.11.19 23:00

Once you’ve decided to take a trip or when you have to take a business trip, the next step is to find a place of accommodation. What factors we take into consideration when we decide on a place to stay may be different for everyone, but some things like location, price, cleanliness, and breakfasts may be important for many of us. Wouldn’t you say?

For example, if you’re visiting Okinawa for the first time on a three-day trip, you don’t really know the area and it may be hard to decide where to stay. When undecided about where to stay, then I recommend Hotel Gracery Naha, located on Kokusai Street, the main street in Naha.

Hotel Gracery Naha opened its doors on April 7, 2016, in the heart of Naha, aiming to offer its guests convenience, efficiency, and comfort. Despite being located in a lively entertainment area, the guestrooms are quiet and the interior is bright and very clean. Many of their guests comment, “It was delightful. We enjoyed the relaxing and comfortable hotel.”

(Single Room)

(Twin Room)

The guestrooms include single rooms and semi-double rooms recommended for those visiting the island on business, and they also offer double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms, ladies’ twin room (exclusively for women), wheelchair accessible universal twin room, and a very special room (offered for one night per party), the Churaumi Room which is available by reservation.


One step into the Churaumi Room, you’ll find yourself in an underwater world. The images of the beautiful world under the seas of Okinawa is projected on to the two walls of the room. Swimming about gracefully are life-sized whale sharks, manta rays, and many other marine life. If you touch the feed on the screen with your fingertips, it breaks off to attract various colorful fish to swim nearby.

The room is enjoyable for all the guests of all ages, and the Hotel says they receive reservations by guests who are looking for something extra special for a birthday, anniversary, or other occasions.

The amenities offered in the Churaumi Room are also attractive and special. The travel set contains shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and body lotion, all of which contain natural essential oils with wonderful relaxation effects. They also have toothpaste containing Okinawan salt, and coral-friendly sunscreen. All of these amenity items have something special about Okinawa and are very popular among the guests.

The breakfasts too, are very Okinawan. Their restaurant, Bon Salute, is open from 6:30 and offer a selection of about 40 various dishes, a fusion of Ryukyuan cuisine, Japanese and Western dishes, but all based on the concept of “Ishoku Dogen,” a traditional idea of “food as medicine.” They also offer menu items that change daily, so even if you’re staying consecutive nights, you won’t tire of the delicious fares.

Items include Okinawan dishes like Rafute pork, cooked slowly that it’ll melt in your mouth, as well as stewed Tebichi pettitoes, stir-fried Fu Champuru, peanut Jimami Tofu, Mozuku seaweed tempura, Umi Budo seaweed, seasoned Okinawan Jushee rice, Taco Rice, Okinawa Soba, and also freshly baked croissants, French toast, fresh salads, and fruits. Everything is so delicious, you might find yourself eating a bit too much…

After your very satisfying meal, enjoy a day of seeing the sights in Okinawa, and burn off the calories from breakfast!

Hotel Gracery Naha has won numerous awards already, like in 2016, they won an award from Jaran, a major Japanese travel site, and another in 2018 from, another major travel site in Japan. They’ve also received certification of excellence from Trip Advisor, given to accommodation facilities that provide consistent, high standards of hospitality to guests.


At the Front Desk, you’ll find knowledgeable staff offering concierge services so you can find out the best places to go and delicious places to dine. The security is also top-notch, where only guests can enter the guestrooms using their card keys. It’s a safe and comfortable choice of accommodation for women traveling alone, too.

Imai-san, the concierge says, “We hope our guests will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay with us, like they’re at home.” On the first floor of the Hotel is Lawson’s convenience store, which is great because you don’t have to go far to get what you might need.

Hotel Gracery Naha is conveniently located, clean and comfortable, making it a great choice to stay when visiting Okinawa on business or sightseeing. On your next trip to Okinawa, I highly recommend it!


Hotel Gracery Naha
Address: 1-3-6 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-867-6111    

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi