Okinawa Tourism Information:[ShimaShimaStore]onIshigakiIslandOffersaWideandWonderfulSelectionofVariousGoods

[Shima Shima Store] on Ishigaki Island Offers a Wide and Wonderful Selection of Various Goods

post : 2020.01.18 06:00

Shima Shima Store is a Zakka shop (offering crafts, gifts and various items) located on Yui Road in the downtown area of Ishigaki Island. The shop is full of carefully select items from the Yaeyama area and others. They’re items that’ll make you smile, and various tools and others from overseas. There are tables and chairs inside for the customers to relax and enjoy something to drink or cool down with their tasty popsicles.

Known to everyone as “Maru-chan”, the owner of the shop is Keiko Tonomori who is originally from Chiba Prefecture. Before relocating to Ishigaki, she lived on Hateruma Island where she met her husband, a local islander. Also offered at Shima Shima Store is Haterumajima Kuromitsu, “black sugar” made from Hateruma’s sugarcane that her husband makes on Hateruma Island.


Kuromitsu is a very popular souvenir and specialty item from Hateruma Island. Keiko-san’s husband was born and raised on Hateruma, and while running an izakaya pub, he kept trying new methods until he found the best way to make his Kuromitsu, and now they’re available for purchase. The raw ingredient of the Kuromitsu is sugarcane harvested on Hateruma Island. The sugarcane is vacuum cooked at high heat to produce pure brown sugar with high sugar content. He repeats the cooking and cooling process of the sugarcane for 24 hours to complete the Haterumajima Kuromitsu.

Also available at Shima Shima Store is their all-you-can-pack Hateruma brown sugar, which is popular among travelers who purchase them as souvenirs, and also with the locals, simply because they’re delicious. Kids from the neighborhood come by with their allowances in their hands to buy some, too.

On this Tenugui, a Japanese style hand towel made of thin cotton, are drawings of people in a procession held during the Kyu-Bon (Obon according to the lunar calendar) event on Hateruma Island called Mushama. The delicate touches and fine details are just amazing, so much that if you happened to know someone who participated in the procession, you’d be able to spot them in the drawings. This is drawn by Yuki Yamada, an artist who works a regular day job while producing various types of art like photographs and illustrations.

Ceramic art created with soil from Ishigaki Island, by Yachimunya Toka. The cute little goat faces are adorable.

These are mists and oils made with Gettou or ginger lilies from Ishigaki Island, and jars of clay butter. They’re original products sold by Sunny Time and are very popular among locals and visitors.

Above are stickers, postcards, and other various goods by [asamoya works]. They have interesting and sometimes comical motifs, like the cat dancing a traditional Okinawan Ryubu dance.


These are socks and eye pillows by Yufu. Natural materials like organic cotton and linen are dyed with ginger lilies. The natural colors are lovely.

They offer many other items, like dishes and kitchen tools from across Southeast Asia, African baskets, and whatever the owner finds to be charming and those she’s certain that nobody else on the island offers. These items are usually very charming and somewhat heartwarming, mirroring Maru-chan’s personal characteristics.

She also says all of the items offered at her shop are of great quality that she’s proud to recommend to everyone. Like foods that are made without preservatives and additives and that are good for the body, and items that she uses herself and knows how great they are.

The shop sees many customers who lose track of time and stay for a while, and that too, is probably due to Maru-chan’s pleasant character. I have to admit, I’m one of them. It’s very comfortable there and I end up chatting away with Maru-chan. I know you’ll understand what I mean once you visit the shop.


Shima Shima Store
Address: 203 Okawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
Telephone: 080-6488-3639
Hours: 10:30 to 19;00
Closed: Thursdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Masumi Sasamoto