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Kumejima Island; The Dynamic View from Torinokuchi

post : 2020.02.01 06:00

The sparkling beaches, the lush green hills, the peaceful fields of sugarcane; Kumejima Island offers a variety of beautiful sights for the visitors to the island. Among them, I found a dynamic and breathtaking view at the southernmost area of the island.

Once you park your car at the lot, head towards this signboard shown in the photo above. Torinokuchi (literally meaning “bird’s mouth”) is a rock that is shaped like, you guessed it, the beak of a bird. To get to the viewpoint for Torinokuchi, enjoy the walk along the path from the parking lot for about ten minutes.

This location, which is within the Prefectural Tokujimu Nature Park, has rough and steep cliffs that continue along the coast, and it has somewhat of an exotic air, like you’re in a foreign land.

Along the path, you’ll find yourself passing by a number of elevated spots that command great views.

The tiny island floating on the sea in the distance is called Tonbara, and it can be seen from various points on Kumejima Island.

Then you’ll reach a spot where you can see a rock formation that looks like a bird looking upward with its beaks slightly open.


It’s a wonderful view and you can feel the great energy from Mother Nature.

The area around Torinokushi is also known as “whale-watching hill” which, in the wintertime, you can see whales swimming in the beautiful sea. A friend of mine recently told me that they saw numerous whales from that spot!


Tokujimu Nature Park
Approximately 40 minutes by car from Kumejima Airport

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Masumi Sasamoto