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Enjoying an Even More Delicious Yushi Dofu. Healthy Dishes at [Tofuya Beans] in Shuri

post : 2020.02.27 20:00

“It’s wonderful that more young people have become interested in tofu.”


Goya-san, the husband and wife owners of Tofuya Beans located in Shuri, Naha, comments. Hisatoshi-san has been in charge of the cooking since they opened Beans in 2012 after learning the ropes in tofu-making from his grandparents who ran a tofu shop for many years, and also after gaining experience in dining establishments.

“I’ve actually been working on various tofu dishes for about 15 years now,” says Hisatoshi-san. He added his personal touches to the traditional Yushi Dofu, considered to be one of the ‘soul foods’ of Okinawa, in a more modern style so that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Tofu is known as a low-carb food with high protein content and these days, its demand is increasing not just in Japan but overseas, with more health-conscious people focusing on healthy diets. Okinawa’s Yushi Dofu is similar to Oboro Tofu of mainland Japan, but after the bittern is added to soy milk, the firming process using molds is skipped. The result is like a Chawan Mushi or custard pudding, and is fluffy and soft.

Hisatoshi-san only makes enough Yushi Dofu for the day. He says he’s particular about removing the thin skin on the soy beans all by hand in order to eliminate the scent and bitterness that can otherwise remain.

Keiko-san, who is in charge of serving the customers, says happily, “We have local Oji and Oba (grandpas and grandmas) that come, but we also have many college kids who are regular customers, too.” Their Yushi Dofu isn’t just delicious, but is filling and healthy. They serve various flavors of Yushi Dofu aside from the simple and familiar salt and Japanese broth, like the Tomato Cheese Yushi Dofu, Mabo Yushi Dofu, Seafood Tomato Yushi Dofu, and Happo (stirfry) Dofu.

On a chilly day, I recommend their Kimchi Chige Yushi Dofu. The soup is made with a delightful seafood broth and they use two different kinds of chilis that have different grain sizes so it definitely has a nice kick. It’s packed with clams, shrimp, pork, chives, and Chinese cabbage kimchi, and you’ll feel your body warming up with each spoonful.

You can order the Yushi Dofu on its own or as a set meal, which comes with side dishes like Okara Irichi (soy pulp cooked with seasonings), salad, and others. The size of their Yushi Dofu is about 350 grams in each serving, so your appetite will most definitely be satisfied.

They prepare about 40 servings of Yushi Dofu a day, so be sure to get there early before they sell out.


Tofuya Beans
Address: 2-15-24 Shuri Tonokura-cho, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-927-4849
Hours: 11:00 to 18:00 (or when sold out)
Closed: Thursdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi