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Tea Made in Okinawa. Organic and Delicious “Churabana Kocha”

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“In Japanese, the kanji character for “isogashii” or “busy” is written with the combination of characters meaning “heart” and “loss”. But it’s important to have room in your heart even during the times when you have much to do in very little time. When you have room in your heart, it’s easier to switch up and clear your mind, and that way, you’ll feel less stress. In the days that are filled with work and chores, I hope more and more people will introduce “tea time” in their lives. Getting the tea leaves ready, boiling the water, and letting the tea steep. This actually connects to calming your heart and mind.”

This is what Naomi Uechi and Kaori Kina, the representatives of Churabana Kocha (tea) says. They are the producers of the brand of Okinawan tea, Churabana Kocha, from tea leaves grown at Kanigawa Tea Factory, a tea garden located in Nago City in the northern region of Okinawa Island.

The tea leaves are grown completely without any chemicals, and have a clear, rich flavor of nature. Churabana Kocha was introduced to the market thanks to the number of positive conditions at the tea farm. For example, the area is located along the Tea Belt (a region where tea leaves can be grown), with soil that contains rich, natural minerals, and also because there are no other farms in the vicinity, there are no risks of pesticides and other chemicals that may be carried by the wind. Tea leaves are harvested three times a year, which doesn’t include the summer months because that is when the tea leaves tend to have a strong, bitter taste.

Kanigawa Tea Factory has won the top prizes for Japanese-grown Tea Grand Prix 2019 in the Product Category and Challenge Category (two consecutive years for the Product Category, and three consecutive years for the Challenge Category). The main points for their achievement was because their tea has very little bitterness and astringency, has a strong presence of aroma and flavor, and for its clean, easy-to-drink characteristics.

Churabana Tea is available in three flavors of Classic Tea, Hibiscus Blend Tea and Gettoh (ginger lily) Blend Tea.

Classic Tea goes well with, of course, cookies and cakes, but also with meals of any type. Uechi-san says, “The tea also goes well with Onigiri rice balls, and even tempura, too.” I gave it a try and it was great, just like enjoying my tempura with green tea or barley tea.

And yes, it went well with fruits and sweets, too. It had a clean, refreshing taste, but at the same time, it had depth and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Churabana Kocha is a type of tea that would be easy to become a part of my every day diet, I thought.


The secret to a nice cup of tea is to use soft water, as that helps to bring out the aroma more. Another thing is to use hot water that has been boiled. But the most important thing is to make the tea wholeheartedly. By taking extra care in preparing your tea, you can enjoy the rich fragrance and it will let your body and mind relax.

Tea time is something that you’ll cherish, particularly in your days full of tasks. If you’re feeling a little tired these days, definitely give it a try.


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi


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