Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’GotoCoralFarmtoSeeFantasticCoralSpawning!

Let’ Go to Coral Farm to See Fantastic Coral Spawning!

post : 2014.05.28 19:00

Just like the cherry blossom front, coral spawning starts from the south, Yeyama Islands, Miyako Islands to move to the north every year.  The same species of coral spawn pink eggs at the same time on the same night all at once.  You can see it only as short as one hour, but it is so dreamingly beautiful and lets us feel a mystery of the life. 

You don’t have to dive to see such a marvelous scene.  You can observe the spawning scene at the coral farm on the premise of “Gala Aoi Umi” in Yomitan Village, Okinawa. 

The film called “Tida Kan Kan” served as a model for this coral farm, which is a world-rare facility built by Mr. Koji Kinjo for the transplantation and stock of corals.    

In order to reproduce corals in the sea. which have decreased dramatically in recent years, he built a coral culture facility “Coral Farm” on the ground to transplant cultured corals into the sea in front of the facility. 

The whole facility was handmade by the staff members and volunteers. In the giant pond in the facility, he reproduced “a coral rich sea.”  He would like as many visitors as possible to take a casual look at it, notice how important corals to the sea are, and deepen the understanding the coral reproduction. 

They try to reproduce an ocean ecosystem faithfully by pumping up the underground sea water, keeping it at a constant temperature.  Here you can look into a real life of fish swimming in the corals, which you cannot see in general aquariums.

Corals serve as a shelter for small fish and provide food to crabs and prawns.
Corals support an estimated 25 percent of all marine life, but they can live only in the shallow water, covering about 0.2 percent of the ocean floor.

Now you can see how important corals to the ocean ecosystem.  However, as much as 80 to 90 percent of such precious corals in Okinawa are dead, compared to those 30 years ago.
In the long run, the decrease of corals could affect fish catches.

Since the facility was established in Yomitan, over 65,000 corals have been transplanted into the sea. However, due to issues like that last year’s rise in sea water temperature gave a damage to many corals, we cannot forget an ever-improving attitude. 

Coral Spawning Watch is only the one time a year chance when even a child can see spawning of corals that is extremely important to the sea with a flashlight

 (The pond which you can watch spawning of corals in)

Coral spawning this year might be seen around the first or the second week of June. However, we sometimes cannot tell the actual spawning time until about one week before, so please frequently check information at the official Facebook page.

The watch event is held from 7 to 10 PM and the admission is free.
Please bring a flashlight with you.

As you watch a fascinating scene where spawning turns coral farms pink peacefully,
I hope you will deepen your understanding about the abundant sea of Okinawa.


Address: 915 Aza-Takashiho, Yomitan Village
TEL: 098-982-9988
FAX: 098-958-7900

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