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The Exhilarating View from Tonnaha-jo Castle Site on Kumejima Island

post : 2020.04.05 06:00

On the eastern side of the island, on the north side of Kumejima Town Office, is the site where the Tonnaha-jo (pronounced ton-naha-jo) castle once stood. It’s a place that’s rarely introduced in travel guides, but it a fantastic spot that I hope you’ll visit.

Along the road that extends around the island is a sign that guides the visitors to this destination. As you drive up Tonnaha Mountain, you’ll see this sign shown above, and a gazebo. Go past these and further up, you’ll find the parking lot. Climb up the stairs and you’ll be treated to a spectacular, panoramic view.

The seas, the hamlets, hills, the many sugarcane fields, and even Hateno-Hama can be seen in the distance. It a refreshing view that you could spend hours gazing.

The light line of white that you see floating on the seas in the distance is Hateno-Hama. It’s a sandbar that stretches about three kilometers in length. Behind Hateno-Hama to the left, in the far distance are Aguni Island and Tonaki Island.

The island nearby that you can reach by bride is Ou Island. This is where the spa facility Bade Haus Kumejima is located.


Driving down the curvy Tiida Bridge towards the sea was truly invigorating!

The local islanders apparently have morning Yoga sessions at this old castle site. How lovely that must be. There are numerous spots around Kumejima Island that offers great views. I hope you’ll tour the island and find your favorite spot.


Tonnaha-jo Castle Site
Approximately 40 minutes by car from Kumejima Airport


Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Masumi Sasamoto