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A Soothing & Relaxing Beak. Ie Island’s Herbal Detox Tea at [Café HERB 100%]

post : 2020.04.12 06:00

A perfect spot for afternoon tea or a little break while on your trip on Ie Island is [Café HERB 100%] which is situated on the east side of the island. As you go along the road that takes you to Ie Beach from the port, you’ll come to a gentle right curb, and that’s where you’ll spot the café with its light blue roof.

It was 30 years ago that Hiroko Yamashiro, the owner of the café, encountered herbs. She learned much about them when her interest in food increased through working in the fields at her last job. When she came across various herbs, she thought to herself, this is it! Yamashiro-san continued to work as she spent time researching and learning more about herbs, and about three years ago, she opened her café.

The Fresh Herbal Tea that she serves at Café HEB 100% is completely an original blend, made with homegrown lemongrass, mint, ginger lily nuts, and tropical leaves. The tea is made not with dried tea leaves, but with fresh herbs picked from the garden and herb pots. The pleasantly transparent tasting tea doesn’t have the uniquely strong aroma or characteristics of regular herbal tea, but has an excellent balance in taste and seems to just melt into your body.

If you’re not too familiar with herbal tea but still want to try a beverage made with herbs, try the Fruit Koso (enzyme) Wild Grass Soda. It’s a refreshing and sweet beverage made with over a dozen varieties of wild grass and herbs collected from the shores and hills of the island, blended with a wide variety of fruits. The ginger gives it a nice kick, and although it’s served cold, you’ll feel your body getting nice and warmed up from the ginger.

Another great thing about the café is that you can enjoy breads made with wheat grown on Ie Island. Yamashiro-san worked on a wheat farm before she began running the café, and she has the wheat harvested from her former workplace to her friend’s bread studio in Onna Village. There, the breads she serves at her café are made with natural yeast, and the yeast needed for fermentation of the dough is from wheat grown on Ie Island. The breads are packed with energy from Ie Island, and she offers a wide variety, from hard to soft, and sweet to savory.


“I want to prove to the world that the ingredients from the island are of great quality, and I also want to see it for myself,” says Yamashiro-san. She spends her days thinking up ideas for new menu items to offer her customers. Among the new additions to the menu are Okinawan Tofu and Basil Quiche, and a cake with homegrown rosemary.

Stop by this great café to unwind and let your body and mind relax as you enjoy a delicious snack made with herbs that are full of vitality and energetic essences of the island.


Café HERB 100%
Address: 2541 Higashiemae, Ie Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Telephone: 090-9781-9275
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00
Closed: Tuesdays

Photographs & Article by Ai Matsuda, Edited by Aya Asakura