Okinawa Tourism Information:Moist&Fluffy.Breadsby[SmileFactoryRIN(Chatan)]areMadewithHoneyBlendedintheDough

Moist & Fluffy. Breads by [Smile Factory RIN (Chatan)] are Made with Honey Blended in the Dough

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Smile Factory RIN is a bakery in the unique and exotic neighborhood of Chatan Town, where local customers come by every morning to pick up their favorite breads.

Inside, you’ll find close to 40 varieties of breads, from your regular sandwich breads, French bread, Melon Pan, bagels, to savory choices. The sweet aroma in the shop will surely stimulate your appetite.


Smile Factory RIN opened in the summer of 2018, with their first shop, Hachimitsu Pan-no Mise (honey-bread shop) RIN, located on Miyako Island. The owner of the shop on Miyako Island is the mother of the Chatan location’s owner, Jun Kurima.

Jun-san’s mother was always a true bread-lover, always looking for and visiting bakeries wherever she traveled to. Eventually, she joined a baking class and got her teaching license. She opened her own baking class at home and opened her shop, Hatchimitsu Pan-no Mise RIN.

As a child, Jun-san helped out in the baking classes and says, “Naturally, I became interested in the field of cooking and confectionaries.”


She attended a culinary school on Okinawa Island where she devoted herself in acquiring skills and knowledge in the field. After graduating, she returned to Miyako Island and worked as a kitchen staff at an Italian restaurant. Later, she moved to Kobe and honed her skills as a pâtissier at a confectionary shop.

Jun-san returned to Okinawa to open the second RIN shop, the Smile Factory RIN. The breads she bakes every day maintain her mother’s tastes, but enhanced with her own special touches.

At RIN, all the breads that they offer are baked with honey blended into the dough. Sugar is usually used in bread making, but Jun-san says, “By using honey, the breads turn out moist and fluffy with a wonderful aroma.”

The bagels offered at RIN have a great, chewy texture, and you can choose from plain, tea, cheese, Beni-imo (purple potato), and also their daily selection.

They also offer various flavored cream cheese to make yourself a delicious bagel and cream cheese snack. Choose from garlic pepper, dried fruits, maple, and other selections found at the shop.

My personal favorite is their Muchi Pan, a bread made with fragrant ginger lily (a type of plant that’s very familiar to the Okinawans, called Gettou) with a white rice flour dumpling with sweet azuki bean filling.

It’s a wonderful harmony of the refreshing scent of ginger lily, the chewy texture of the dumpling, and the sweet been filling.

The most popular choice at RIN is their Melon Pan (a type of sweet Japanese bread with a cookie crust) that they make with milk rather than water. The layer of cookie crust is made carefully, one by one, and it takes up to three days to make them! Jun-san adds, “They’re wonderful when they’re fresh, but I also recommend enjoying them the next day, too.” The outer layer of the Melon Pan is delightfully crispy and the inside is moist and heavenly. Many people say, “It’s surprising how moist and delicious their Melon Pan is!” Customers who rarely choose Melon Pan elsewhere repeatedly come by to purchase RIN’s Melon Pan.

Pick up some delicious breads from RIN’s and hop over to Araha Beach nearby to enjoy them in the great outdoors. Also, pick up a Cheese Tea to go with your bread, a beverage that’s growing ever popular and expected to be the next big trend after tapioca bubble tea. If you live far, visit their online shop to purchase their Melon Pan and bagels.


Smile Factory RIN
Address: 1-4-5 Chatan, Chatan Town, Nakagami, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-989-7778
Hours: 8:00 - 19:00
Online Shop: 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi