Okinawa Tourism Information:QualityEggsfromHealthyHensandDeliciousMayonnaiseMadewithGenerousAmountsofTheseWonderfulEggsareOfferedat[MiyagiNoenFarm(inNanjoCity)]

Quality Eggs from Healthy Hens and Delicious Mayonnaise Made with Generous Amounts of These Wonderful Eggs are Offered at [Miyagi Noen Farm (in Nanjo City)]

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Aside from dietary fiber and Vitamin C, eggs contain all other healthy nutrients, and you can enjoy them boiled, baked, fried, and even raw. Eggs are delicious and satisfying, with many different ways for us to enjoy them.

Personally, I love eggs, and as an egg-lover, I was delighted to learn from a friend about Miyagi Noen, a free-range poultry farm in Nanjo City, in the southern region of Okinawa Island. The eggs from Miyagi Noen are great to enjoy fresh, straight out of their shell because they have no odor or distinctive taste that other eggs might have. You can taste a slight sweetness to them and although they’re light, the natural taste of the eggs is pleasantly present. Since their eggs are also available at supermarkets across the prefecture, I now only buy these eggs and haven’t looked back.

Some of their secrets in producing delicious, quality eggs include the fact that their hens aren’t caged; they’re raised free-range. Also, they don’t depend on disinfectants and antibiotics, and their feed is easier for the hens to digest. By “creating an environment that’s close to nature as possible” for the hens, they grow stress-free and healthy. Eggs from healthy hens tend to be odorless and the yolk is a pale yellow.

These free-range eggs are popular even with those who usually shy away from raw eggs, who say, “I can’t eat other eggs raw, but these, I really enjoy them”. These quality eggs from Miyagi Noen are also available on-line and can be delivered to anywhere in Japan.

Their line of mayonnaise was first introduced 20 years ago, and they’re also very popular. They were created as a measure to keep up business during the seasons of New Year’s and Obon, the times of year when egg sales drop.

Photo Courtesy of Miyagi Noen Farm

There are four varieties of mayonnaise available: Plain, Goya (bitter melon), Shima Togarashi (local chili pepper), and Premium. These bottles of mayo are made with healthy, delicious, and fresh eggs, and amazingly, contain two and a half of yolk per bottle.

Photo Courtesy of Miyagi Noen Farm

Miyagi Noen’s mayo have a rich and deep flavor with little acidic taste and go well with simple dishes like boiled vegetables, mixed in with your potato salad, on your toast, and much more. You can mix the mayo with miso to create a sauce to top your steamed chicken, and the Shima Togarashi mayo adds a nice kick to fresh tuna and avocado tartar. The Goya mayo, with its slight bitter taste and a pleasant texture from the small pieces of goya, will be delightful as sauce for sauteed fish.

Photo Courtesy of Miyagi Noen Farm

Healthy eggs that are (almost) complete in necessary nutrients, and mayo made with these wonderful eggs produced by Miyagi Noen, a free-range poultry farm. Why not pick some up to enjoy today?


Miyagi Noen Farm
Address: 2193 Oshiro, Ozato, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-946-7646
Online Store:   

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi