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A Delightful Café and Great Shopping, Too. What Began as a Clothing Shop has Evolved at [Bricoleur] in Ginowan

post : 2020.10.21 07:00

There’s a charming shop in Ginowan City, at the central region of Okinawa Island, where you can enjoy both shopping and a relaxing café experience. The name of the shop is Bricoleur, a French word that means ‘handy’ or ‘creating something from a diverse range of materials’.

“Just like how you collect all sorts of fabrics that you’d like to work with to create patchworks, I wanted our shop to be like that,” says owner, Takeshi Ganaha.

After renovating a structure that was used as US military housing, Bricoleur first opened its doors selling apparels.

Initially, the shop mainly sold vintage clothing and also repaired and remade clothes. Feeling “somewhat unfulfilled just being a clothing store”, they added an area in the shop in 2016 where customers could enjoy coffee, burgers and other delicious items. Since the shop is located atop a hill, you can oversee the ocean on sunny days.

In charge of the café portion of the business is Yuki Shimabukuro. His burgers are inspired from simple tastes that you might find in a countryside café or diner overseas, but the ingredients he uses are mainly produced in Okinawa.


The most popular item on their menu is the Brico Tropical Burger. This feast of a burger has tomato, avocado, lettuce, grilled pineapple, Okinawan bacon that has just the right balance of tasty red meat and fat, and a nice juicy patty.

The burger patties are made with a blend of Canadian Beef, which has none of that beefy scent, and Japanese Wagyu Beef. They’re also made without bread crumbs or any other absorbents to hold the burger together. Shimabukuro-san adds, “I wanted to serve burgers where you can really taste and enjoy the simple flavors from the ingredients, so I make them without any sauces or other seasonings.”

The burger buns are made upon special order at the popular [hoppepan] bakery in Ginowan City. The photo shows a white bun with whole wheat (or you can also choose their normal brown buns, too). They’re baked carefully and slowly under low heat, and these white buns have that delightful sweetness and aroma of wheat, that’s gentle and so delicious that it takes away the “junk food” factor in enjoying this burger.

Just as popular as their burgers are their hot dogs. Their Brico Chili Cheese Dog is a spicy creation with thick and juicy Okinawan pork sausage, their house chili beans, and jalapeno slices overflowing from the hot dog bun, then drizzled with cheddar cheese. It offers a yummy, foreign taste that will surely hit the spot. They’re available for take-out too, so if you’re feeling a little hungry while on a leisurely drive, these hot dogs are perfect.

After your tummy is fully satisfied, browse around the shop and enjoy some shopping. They offer ladies vintage clothes from [alocasia vintage] that they collected from overseas, and they say many of their female customers come by the shop regularly looking for these items. The clothes have a nostalgic, retro feel, and they’re all one-of-a-kind items, so I hope you’ll find that piece of clothing that’s destined to be yours.

The shop is easy to find; just look for the water tank placed on their roof that’s painted like a burger. I recommend you drop by during your stay in Okinawa.


Address: 1-23-17 Mashiki, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-917-5771
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (Last Order at 18:00) or Closed When Sold Out
Closed: Fridays & 3rd Thursday of the Month

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi