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Introduce Cold-Pressed Juices to Your Days at [B+ (in Ginowan)]

post : 2020.10.29 07:00

Is there anything special that you’re doing to boost your immunity?

I think many people have heard the phrase "beauty and health come from within the body." We humans are made from what we eat, so it’s a good idea to consume things that are "good for the body" on a daily basis.

At the shop "B +" in Ginowan City, they say they’re seeing more and more people coming in the shop who want to change their eating habits and an increasing number of women who want to lose weight in a healthy manner.

B+ opened in September of 2017. Up until then, its producer, Yuri Chinen, who was working as a hair stylist and makeup artist in Tokyo, realized that "beauty and health are inseparable." From her realization, she introduced cold pressed juices to her daily routine, and going on juice cleanses (a program to drink cold pressed juice instead of solids for several days). She saw firsthand how her body and skin conditions improved. "I wanted to create a store that would give me an opportunity to think about beauty and health," she says.


Juice cleanse is popular among people who "have gained weight" during the long period of staying home due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

The manager, Azusa Fusato, talked to me about how great juice cleanses were, saying, "Our usual diet puts a strain on the digestive system for its digestion and absorption. The juice extracted from vegetables and fruits by the low-temperature, low-speed pressing methods don’t contain fiber, and so you can get the nutrients you need without straining your digestive system. The energy you normally use for digestion can be used by your body to get rid of waste, and for regeneration. So, a juice cleanse can be effective in improving the overall constitution, such as relieving constipation and promoting metabolism."

(Photo Courtesy of B+)

B+ also sells fresh Amazake (a traditional, non-alcoholic Japanese drink made of fermented rice) which many people call "an intravenous that you drink". Most of the Amazake on the market contains sugar, but this Amazake is non-sugar. And no additives. It is rich in B vitamins, which are said to be skin-beautifying vitamins, kojic acid, which suppresses melanin that causes age spots, and ferulic acid, which has a strong antioxidant effect. Regular intake of Amazake helps to increase the “good bacteria” in your gut.

Cold pressed juice and fresh Amazake from B+ can be shipped nationwide. If you’re saying ‘I want to drink every day!’ then you should definitely take a look at their online shop.


A popular item that’s only available at their shop are their smoothies. They usually offer 5 to 6 types at all times. Since they don’t add water, ice or white sugar, you can really appreciate the deliciousness of the ingredients.
This is a fresh Amazake berry smoothie that contains mixed berries, apples, and soy milk in Amazake. Since it does not contain sugar, the rounded taste of the Koji (malted rice) and the flavor of fruits is delightfully noticeable.

The custom salad that can be picked up by reservation the day before, contains 350g of vegetables in one pack. The daily vegetable intake recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is 350g so this is a delicious way to get your vegetables for the day. The chopped salad, which is made by finely chopping all the ingredients, is very popular among the customers who are on a diet, saying that it’s "healthy and satisfying."

(Fusato-san, the Manager and Chinen-san, the Producer)

B+ will celebrate its 3rd anniversary in September 2020. "Cold pressed juice, fresh Amazake, and smoothies are not essential items for daily life, but I hope that people will feel that they’ve done something good for their health by incorporating them into their daily lives. In fact, we are planning to move to a new location nearby. At our new location, we’re planning to create a shop with a hair salon inside as well, and our aim is to be a "total care salon" to support our customers to achieve inner and outer beauty," says Fusato-san.

In these stressful times, it’s a good idea to strengthen our immune system, wouldn’t you say?


Address: 1-6-5 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa
*They moved to their new location (shown above) on September 18, 2020.
Telephone: 098-898-5195
Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Closed: Mondays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi